Get Black Friday + Cyber Monday *right*: promo tips, discounts, and free social assets 😉

Black Friday this year is set to be the biggest yet with online sales still on the rise and millions of fans looking to support creators and online brands.

As we go into peak season, launch your most successful sales yet on products your community will love. This year, we’re aiming to make the Cyber weekend monumental for creators. Keep reading to find out the best way to make the last quarter of 2020 really count.

Shape your strategy around discount codes 

BF and CM (Black Friday and Cyber Monday) will mean an increase of sales for creators. All you have to do is point your community in the right direction to benefit from your promotions. In 2019, creators who set up their own promo codes saw their sales double a week before Black Friday weekend.

First, create a solid schedule. Decide when you’d like to run your sales. Some creators release their sales in one burst over the Black Friday weekend and beyond, others decide to run several pre-sales in the 2 weeks running up. Last year, promo code usage spiked considerably the week before BFCM. Sales peaked in the few days leading up. Create a calendar mapping out the promo-codes you’re wanting to offer your followers, as well as when and how you’re going to make a noise about it on social media. 

NOVEMBER 11 – 25TH: Discounts for early birds

Build anticipation early with pre-sale benefits and giveaways on social media. Include hints about what is coming up, as well as run mini sales leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

See any promo sales you run before BFCM as teasers and hype builders. Make sure your promotional offers are different to the ones you plan to run during the Cyber weekend. Your pre-sale might focus on current merch, while the Cyber Weekend sale may kick off with totally new products or limited edition merch only available for a short period of time. Alternatively, plan to offer free shipping in the days leading up, then offer percentage discounts on specific items during your Cyber weekend sale.

NOVEMBER 27TH – NOVEMBER 30TH: Cyber Weekend

November 27th (Black Friday) is when you should aim to make the biggest impact using social media promotion. Make noise about your biggest promo codes and discounts and share your most effective imagery. Consider offering a percent discount promo (ex. 15% off) to kick it off. Start your sale on Black Friday and run it through Cyber Monday to maximize orders placed over the weekend.

DECEMBER 1ST – 18TH: Thank fans with more promotions

After the Cyber weekend ends, your community will continue shopping all the way through December. Use this time to thank your fans for their support and continue running other mini sales leading up to December 10th (cutoff dates). After the shipping cut off date is your chance to really push your digital products. Apply discounts and bonus products–this is an amazing way to boost your profits right through to Christmas without any shipping to worry about.

Don’t forget, promo codes can be applied to all of your products. This means you’ll need to ensure there’s enough profit margin to support the promo—no matter what product is being purchased. 


Are you Cyber Weekend ready? 👩‍💻 Promote your sale effectively on social media using Placeit’s custom templates 😍

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Remember your followers will be keen to support you and your brand this year more than ever. Take time to re share content featuring your products, consider introducing a hashtag for your fans to use so you don’t miss anything, and create posts thanking them. Now you’re ready to start prepping your holiday strategy, make sure you’ve got your new merch and digital product drops ready to go. Check out our last round-up of social media tips below:

  • Create effective promotional images and videos to announce your holiday promotions. 
  • Sign up with 20% off using Teesprings partnership with Placeit to create eye catching announcements, sharing promo codes that can be applied at checkout. Canva is also an amazing tool for creating eye-catching images to share on social media. Also, take advantage of the super cool social media assets we created for you to use to announce your sales below.
  • Craft engaging captions that make your fans feel part of it all as well as really letting them know that each one of their purchases will be supporting you as a brand. Use powerful copy such as “join the movement”. 
  • Announce sales on Instagram stories, IGTV and TikTok. Use your sample orders to use in photoshoots and videos. Share content of you wearing/using and talking about your merch to get fans excited about your newly dropped designs and limited offer sales. Don’t forget to link to your storefront by using “swipe up” or #linkinbio