Design support for all with 99designs

As part of Spring’s accessible tools & services, we’re partnering with 99designs providing you an extra layer of support. This service enables you to collaborate with a 99designs expert designer who can bring your ideas to live. Simply by submitting a brief, the 99designs algorithm matches you with the best suited designers for your project.

  • Enjoy having the ability to launch products with the best possible designs without limitation or needing specific skills or software 
  • Transfer of copyright. Any designs you have created are now yours to sell
  • Collaboration tools allowing creators to work closely with their chosen designer seamlessly 
  • All for a price that won’t break the bank 

How it works 

Get your designs made in 3 simple steps. Firstly, fill out a project brief and you’ll then be matched with suitable 99designs expert designers. Pick your designer based on their profile, request quotes and hire the perfect partner for the job.

  1. Tell 99designs what you need. After clicking ‘get matched’, you will head over to the 99designs platform and start by answering a few questions about what you are trying to accomplish, your timeline and your budget.
  1. Match with a designer. We’ll match you with talented and vetted designers. View profiles, request quotes and hire who you think is best.
  1. Bring your design to life. Your designer will create a beautiful design for you to apply to a range of products in the Spring launcher. You provide feedback and only pay the designer once you are happy.
  1. Upload on Spring. Once your design is complete, simply return to and start uploading the design onto your desired product range!

Creating a brief

When you’ve found the correct 99designs expert designer for you, follow these steps for creating the perfect brief, ensuring you’re paired with the correct 99designs expert designer who is able to understand your vision. 

Once paired with your designer, be sure you have included all of the relevant information they’ll need as clearly as possible. You’ll need to be absolutely sure you know what kind of design you are looking for. Designers may cap or charge extra fees for further drafts of your designs.

  • Name your project and select “merchandise” for the type of design you need. 
  • Type up a description clearly explaining the design you need by answering every question in the 99designs form. This includes describing your project and how your design will be used. 
  • Include inspiration you’ve collected and examples of other designs you admire (links on the web or image files. Also include reference files to provide context of your brand. These may include your logo, brand guide, fonts, or any written pieces. 
  • State your budget and timeline. This will help 99designs to pair you with a suitable designer (99designs adds a 5% fee to cover support and processing payment).
  • Add links to your website and social media pages, specify your industry (internet), share any other notes, and tick “no” to being a design, marketing or design agency.

Find out more about the service and access the submission form HERE. Once you’ve received your completed design, all you need to do is upload it into the launcher and you are good to go. 

If you have any questions, concerns, or queries you cannot work out with your designer, we recommend contacting 99designs support.