NEW summer product: create your own Slides shoes

Slide into summer with your first ever footwear merch. Create and sell Slides shoes to get sales coming in hot. Customize the straps and offer the perfect go-to shoe for fans.

Slides shoes just arrived for all creators to customize and sell on social instantly. Slides are an iconic summer footwear—the trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon, so jump on it ASAP. Streamer @JWBerry3D did, check it out and create your own below.

Product details 

When it comes to any slip on shoe, comfort is key. That’s why new Slides feature cushioned straps and a structured outsole for maximum support—your fans’ feet will thank you. Here’s an overview of product details you need to know: 

  • Choose between white and black Slides 
  • Apply a different design on each foot 
  • Straps are machine washable
  • Removable straps with kirsite/ copper snaps 
  • Sizes from 13 youth – men’s 14.5

Slides design tips

Your printable area is W 20” x H 3.75. Ensure your design file is at least 300 ppi for the best quality design. Apply a different design on each foot for something truly unique.

Example to show how design your own slides shoes

Get your most popular designs, logos, or artwork, apply them to your Slides, then get your sample orders in to create some summer promotional content. Even consider kicking off a summer sale to truly get fans hyped.

Check out @aestheticallyrica’s Slides designs (she never disappoints) and get started on your own below.