Bring your brand to mobile: sell iMessage stickers on the App Store with Spring

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If you’re here, you’ve got access to an exciting new product pilot: iMessage Sticker Packs. Access is limited, so be sure to submit your stickers and secure your spot in time for the holidays.

Imagine seeing your brand in Apple’s official App Store. Digital stickers are perfect for maxing sales throughout the holidays and beyond with instant delivery. First, they’re an affordable option for fans to engage with and support you. Second, every time your stickers are shared, you’ll be growing exposure for your brand. It’s a network effect. Find out how to get started below.

How to create stickers 

You might create a holiday themed design, or an emoting sticker pack using your own characters to replicate emoji expressions. Ultimately, it’s important to make your sticker pack special for fans and recognizably yours. Keep these things in mind when creating stickers: 

  • Stickers should be .PNG files, we recommend using a transparent background
  • Each sticker should be 618 x 618 pixels
  • Before you submit, number your sticker files in the order you’d like them to appear
  • Your sticker pack should contain around 15 stickers 

Click the image above to see the sticker guide.

How to submit your sticker pack

There’s a few things you’ll need to prepare before you submit your sticker pack. Once we receive your submission, we’ll build it into an iPhone app and publish it on Apple’s App Store—this process usually takes up to 10 business days. Here’s what you’ll need to submit via the form below; get templates and more info on each element in the sticker guide linked above. 

  • Sticker pack name, promotional text, and description
  • Sticker files
  • App Store icon
  • App Store sticker screenshots

How to promote your stickers

Once your stickers are live in the App Store, it’s time to share the news. @siberianlizard used a screenshot of her Feret Christmas stickers and jazzed it up by overlaying the characters featured. You might demo the stickers using video content—just record your screen and talk to your community about the inspo behind the stickers. Don’t forget to include a link so fans can easily discover them within your Linktree (or link in bio).

Sticker FAQs

Do I need to sign anything to sell on the App Store??

Yes, you will need to sign an additional agreement with Spring to accommodate the terms of publishing your work on Apple’s App Store. This will include a requirement for you to agree to Apple’s terms and conditions, an acknowledgement of different payout terms for sticker sales (weekly), and acknowledgment of the payout structure for sticker sales (see below). Once you submit your sticker pack for processing, we’ll send you the document to sign via Docusign. 

 How much profit will I earn per sale? 

iMessage sticker payout structure is as follows: Apple 30%, Spring 30%, creator 40%.  Apple’s standard fee is 30% for all products sold through the App Store. Spring will handle digitizing your stickers, listing the product on the App Store, customer service and refunds. This leaves creators with a pure profit of 40% per sticker pack sale.  

How will my sticker packs be sold?

iMessage Sticker Packs are sold through the iOS (iPhone/iPad) App Store by Apple. Sticker packs will be available for fans in over 147 countries.

How can fans find my sticker pack?

You’ll need to provide a link to the App Store. A great way to do this is adding the URL to your Linktree or Linkinbio across all your social platforms. Using this link, fans are directed to open the link in the iMessage App Store, and buy the sticker pack from there. 

How does sticker pricing work?

We recommend you set your sticker pack price to $1.99. Outside the US, the pricing is adjusted according to tiers. So a $0.99 app is a tier 1 app, which in the UK for example is £0.79. 

Please be aware that Apple might also charge taxes as applicable by country.

What is the profit margin on stickers?

Like every app sold on the App Store, Apple keeps 30% of each sale. The remaining margin is shared between you and Spring.

How do I get paid?

Apple pays out profits monthly, so at the end of each month, we will add profit from sticker sales to your Spring account and you can request payout as usual.

What devices are iMessage stickers compatible with?

For now, sticker packs will only work on Apple devices, such as iPhones and iPads.

Can stickers be used on other messaging apps, like Whatsapp?

At the moment, stickers can only be used on iMessage. We’re working on expanding sticker creation for other apps.

How can I track my sticker sales?

We’ll report sticker sales performance weekly.