Introducing SpringMark: The mark that says you made it

In Creators, News by Chris Lamontagne October 12, 2022

Intellectual property laws weren’t written for the world of creators. Creators live to create, share, and monetize their ideas. The digital world hasn’t kept up with understanding how to best protect creators for the future and enable them to earn and not be ripped off.

Today, we are introducing SpringMark – a proprietary protection tool that allows creators to detect when their designs, images, and merch are being used without their permission.

How it works
We have developed SpringMark by building first-of-their-kind tools for the creator economy; we’ve built a lot under the hood to make the process incredibly simple and seamless. 

Step 1. We scan your original work on Spring (Using computer vision and image library verification)
Step 2. We automate checks of that artwork across the internet. 
Step 3. You receive notifications when a potential infringement is detected & make it easy to take down. 

Who’s it for
SpringMark is for any Creator with a distinctive identity who is looking to invest in the future. Whether you are a hobbyist or a full-time creator we appreciate that the toll of a stolen design can be devastating, both financially and emotionally.

We understand the vulnerability in creating and putting things out there for the world to critique and we are here to support the creator in that journey and help protect work at its inception. 

Why it’s important
Over the last decade, we as Spring have invested heavily in our technology in order to try to detect and prevent copycats illegitimately using creator’s content. Instead of just playing whackamole defense, we want to turn the tables and give the power back to the creator. 

When we talk about the creator economy, we don’t just want to think about the creator economy today – but instead what does the creator economy look like 3,5, and even 10 years from now – a critical part of that, is how a creator earns money for their work over time. The obvious proxy here is consumer brand licensing – a $265B industry and growing – that depends on outdated IP laws. 

SpringMark is a tool to help creators protect their ideas and get paid for what they deserve.

How can you use SpringMark?

We are making SpringMark available to all creators on Spring. You need to sign up to Spring, create and upload your original designs, and select ‘Protect’ on the Spring Platform. We will also be developing a product for agencies (managing multiple creators) you can find out more details