Let’s talk samples: 3 steps to winning sales

Head out with friends, style them head-to-toe in your products, get snapping—the best way to send fans into a frenzy over your new collection (and increase sales).

We’re talking about ordering product samples. Paired with your expert content creation skills, they’re sure to increase sales. Like a lot. Other benefits include:

  • Creators who feature samples in promotional content earn as much as 200% more profit from their products, plus, they’re 6x more likely to get a sale.
  • For some, it’s important to see and feel their products in real life before offering them to fans. You’re the boss.
  • Samples make it easy for you to run giveaway contests on your social platforms. All you need to do is mail them to the lucky winner. See how @workforyourbeer does it below.

Sell more with samples in 3 steps

1) Design products + order samples 

Once you’ve created your listing, head to the Listings section of your dashboard and click “order samples”. Learn more here. Listings where samples are ordered can generate 3x more profit compared with those who don’t. 

2) Create content and promote on social media

Creators who incorporate samples into their social content are more likely to get a sale—and that’s because this type of content is way more engaging for your fans. Check out inspo from our top creators killing it on socials below.

3) Use platform integrations

Pair social content with a link straight to your listing. Present products underneath your videos using the YouTube Integration, or set up the Instagram Shopping Integration to begin tagging your products in posts (and more). Don’t have access yet? Start using the Linktree Integration, available to all creators right now.

5 ways to create content using samples

Try your hand at product photography

You don’t always need to be wearing or holding your products to show off the quality of your designs. Sometimes the beauty is in the details. @aestheticallyrica definitely has the right idea.

Show how fans can enjoy your products IRL

Feature your samples in a way that feels natural to you and the style of content your community loves seeing on your feed. Take for example @weretherussos, who put their die cut sticker on the back of their 4×4.

Create video content using your products

For YouTubers, it’s a no brainer. Wear your samples in videos. Instagram creators: videos get more engagement—It’s a known fact. @delta_of_phoenix is a shining example. Featuring samples in TikTok content is always a great way to inspire fans to purchase your products too. Don’t forget to have your Spring store accessible within your Linktree.

Get creative with your imagery

@ashleyooacevedo includes samples in almost all of her Instagram content. Check out how she has photographed her hoodie design and jazzed up her Instagram post with her own illustrative touches. Super cool!

Combine samples and online design templates to promote sales  

Just like @loudmouthpod has below. Hands down, the best way to shout about a promotion on your social media. Choose from hundreds of completely free post templates on Canva, including sample imagery.

There’s no one way to create genius, eye-catching content. Our advice? Grab a sample order of your product, head to a beautiful spot (like the beach), and unleash some creative genius. You’ll have a blast, and sell some products. Win win. 

Once you’re done, tag us with the hashtag #CreateShareEarn. We’ll feature our favorite promo images on our Spring Instagram feed. Get started below.