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Unlock sales in 2022 with fresh digital products

Get fans back to your store in 2022 with digital products—here’s some ideas to get you going. Use the popular digital products below to springboard your success in 2022, and take advantage of the free templates—you’ll be off to a flying start.  Get organized All creators have one thing in common—the need to keep organized. […]

Digital — Jan 12, 2022
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How to prepare for the U.S. 2021 tax season

Tax season is upon us. Creators who have requested more than $600 USD in payouts in 2021 may be prompted to provide more information by filling out a 1099 form. If you’ve previously completed the form, but your Tax Exemption Type has changed within the calendar year (for example, from Individual to Corporation) please notify […]

Insights, News — Dec 15, 2021
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Spring’s best bits—2021 roundup

It’s been a privilege to watch our exceptional creators and partners grow, evolve, and succeed in 2021. Let’s reflect on the best bits.  With over 8 million Spring creators, spread over 120 different countries, and a mindblowing 16+ billion fans—there’s a lot to celebrate this year. Thank you for your hustle, we’re glad to have […]

Creators, Digital, Insights, News — Dec 15, 2021

Sleigh the holidays with digital products: instant delivery, inspo, plus freebies

Over the coming weeks, take advantage of digital products. Don’t miss out on the chance to make bank right up to December 25th with instant delivery. Tons of creators have already started. See 9 examples of best selling digital products we spotted this season. Also, try out the free templates we’ve provided. Digital recipe e-books […]

Digital — Dec 6, 2021
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Introducing Afterpay: Giving fans freedom at checkout

Buying your products just got easier. We’re announcing an exciting new payment method to help make this holiday season your most profitable yet. Give fans the freedom to buy now and pay later—while you get paid immediately.  Afterpay is the first step towards Spring’s evolution towards one-click, headless checkout for the creator economy. Watch this […]

News — Nov 15, 2021
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$40k in one day: How Matt Meagher sold 700+ Spring hoodies with Shops on Instagram

When Matt Meagher learned he could earn 100% profit on all Spring products sold through his Shop on Instagram, he got to work. Fast forward 24 hours—and now he’s $40,000 richer. Creator Matt Meagher, otherwise known as MMG (Madden Mobile Gods), built a passionate  community on YouTube around the popular sports video game ‘Madden Ultimate […]

Creators, Insights — Nov 15, 2021

New black mugs: tips for nailing your design

We’ve added black mugs to the launcher—but there’s a few differences you should know when creating your design. Long-awaited black mugs are here. Read through the tips below to make sure your design looks exactly as you imagined.  The printable area  Let’s start by explaining how it works. The entire mug is black, but the […]

Uncategorized — Oct 30, 2021
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Creators are earning 100% profit with Shops on Instagram

Instagram is rolling out access to Shops on Instagram to 350,000+ creators just in time for the holiday season. Creators can earn 100% profit on all sales driven through the shop integration from now through December 31, 2021.  Eligible creators can earn up to a total $50,000 in bonus profit—sell a hoodie for $40, and […]

News — Oct 30, 2021
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How to beat shipping cutoff dates this holiday season

We’ve got your back—here’s tips for getting the most out of peak season, while making sure fans receive their orders in time for Christmas. This year, the holiday selling season is going to be huge. That’s why we’re working to make it run smoothly for you; we’ve sourced inventory to maintain stock levels throughout peak […]

Insights — Oct 27, 2021

How to announce a sale on socials

So you’ve set up your promo code, what’s next? One of the highest priority items on your to-do list: plan effective promotional content to get your community flocking to your store and filling up carts. Take Cyber Weekend for example—creators who offer discounts over this period can double their sales. We collected some of our […]

Creators, Insights — Oct 15, 2021
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Squad up: Team Jerseys have landed.

Calling all fitness fanatics, e-sports extraordinaires, or anyone with an engaged community. We’ve got product newness, available for all creators: Team Jerseys. Drum up some team spirit for your fans with this fully customizable jersey. Create yours now via the link below—or keep reading to learn about product details and design inspo.  Product details Team […]

Insights — Oct 12, 2021

Keep sales rolling until Christmas with digital products

Add digital products to your store now and sell them all the way up to December 25th thanks to instant delivery. Sales needn’t stop. Smash your sales records by offering digital products this holiday season. We’ve put together a bunch of ideas for you below (along with free tools linked in each section to help you get started). […]

Digital — Sep 30, 2021

Your go-to guide for the holidays

Some creators sell more during the holiday season than the entire year combined. Make this holiday season your most successful yet.  It may seem a little overwhelming at first—but we’ve got you. Below, we’ve laid out key dates you can follow to put yourself in the best position possible. Here’s how. 1) Create a holiday […]

Digital, Insights — Sep 27, 2021

The Black Friday weekend road map

The secret to a monumental Black Friday weekend: plan a solid strategy. It’s not as overwhelming as it sounds—here, we’ll break it down for you.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest selling days of the year, and Spring is no different. Creators who offer discounts during this weekend can double their sales.  Make […]

Insights — Sep 27, 2021
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3 ways to customize (and optimize) your store

Picture this: you walk into a store, you’ve seen hundreds before like it. Then you go next door—it has a distinct feel. There’s vibrant colors, a catchy name, cool artwork on the walls. Well, the experience with your Spring store is no different.  A great looking Spring store not only streamlines your fans shopping experience, […]

Insights — Sep 8, 2021

Let’s talk samples: 3 steps to winning sales

Head out with friends, style them head-to-toe in your products, get snapping—the best way to send fans into a frenzy over your new collection (and increase sales). We’re talking about ordering product samples. Paired with your expert content creation skills, they’re sure to increase sales. Like a lot. You can order them at base cost […]

Insights — Sep 3, 2021

Spring partners with INFLCR to establish social stores for NCAA athletes – welcoming a new wave of merch for fans

Spring & INFLCR are empowering NCAA athletes to monetize their audience by creating and selling digital and physical products. San Francisco, August 2021:  Spring (formerly Teespring), the leading creator commerce platform, has just announced a first-of-its-kind partnership with INFLCR , the leading platform for athlete brand building. The innovative partnership gives collegiate athletes easy, compliant […]

News — Aug 26, 2021
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How Connor DeWolfe used Instagram to increase his orders by 60%

The passionate and viral content creator took advantage of Instagram’s shopping features—and has watched his earnings pile up. Connor DeWolfe creates video content about living with ADHD. His skits are short, relatable, and pretty humorous, educating his fans on what it’s really like to live as a neurodivergent person (and reminding them to drink water).  […]

Insights — Aug 20, 2021

Go big, go digital: Why Spring is the #1 platform for selling digital products

Over 50,000 creators are already selling digital products with Spring—here’s why. Digital products are taking over, fast. For one, you can create nearly anything (most folks have a digital product already designed, yet aren’t aware). And two, profit margins are huge. But the best part? All you have to do is create a product and […]

Digital — Aug 16, 2021

Quality overhaul + pricing update

Important news: Quality overhaul and price update. Here’s what it means for your store and fans moving forward. We’ll get right to it—we’ve had to increase prices on some products.  You’ve been forthright in asking us to improve product quality, and that became a major priority for us. So we went heavy on those areas. […]

News — Aug 3, 2021

Free templates and tools for creating digital products

Ready to launch your digital product, but not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered with free design tools, downloads, and templates to kickstart your digital creation. Digital planners Create planners like workout schedules, diaries, and to-do lists. We’ve created a customizable template you can make your own, click the button below to open […]

Digital — Jul 8, 2021