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How do I get access to sell NFTs?  

All creators can start selling NFTs with Mint-On-Demand. Get started by finding the card template in the launcher here.

How long does it take for Spring to review my NFT submission?

Our team will review your submission within the next 3 – 5 business days. Once reviewed, we’ll send another email confirming next steps.

Can I launch NFT collections? 

Right now, creators can only launch rare 1 of 1 collectibles. The capability to create collections will be rolled out post-beta. In the meantime, you can launch as many of the same asset as you like to create multiple editions (they will be for sale on different listings).

How does Mint-On-Demand™ work?

Mint-On-Demand™ is a service that makes it easy for anyone to buy or sell NFTs through the Spring platform. NFTs are only minted once sold to reduce environmental impact and no crypto currencies are required to purchase. Learn more. 

How does pricing work for Mint-On-Demand™?

It’s totally free to launch NFTs with Mint-On-Demand™—there are no minting or gas fees included.

  • Earn 70% of the profits when you sell your NFT on Spring for the first time
  • Spring takes a 30% processing fee
  • Earn a 7% royalty of the resale price through Bondly every single time it’s resold

Can I earn royalties if my NFT is resold or changes ownership? 

Yes, fans can resell your NFT on marketplaces like Opensea. After that, you’ll earn a 7% royalty of the resale price, every single time it’s resold. All Royalties collected and received by Bondly from NFT marketplaces are processed at the end of each month. Royalties are then sent to you by Bondly within 30 days. Read more here.

Please note: You are prohibited from promoting your NFT in any way to imply a likelihood that the NFT will increase in value or describe the NFT as an investment opportunity (rather than a collectible token).

What is a crypto wallet?

A crypto wallet is used to store cryptocurrency and retrieve digital assets. Your wallet proves your ownership of your digital money and assets, and allows you to make transactions (sell your NFT to someone else). 

What happens after I sell an NFT? 

Spring mints NFTs on-demand (only minted after purchase) reduce environmental impact, so you and fans will receive your newly minted NFT in new crypto-wallets within 14 calendar days. This will ensure you can track NFT ownership and collect royalties if it’s resold. Learn more. 

Will all the NFTs I create be added to the same crypto-wallet?

Any NFT you launch and sell on Spring will be delivered to you within the same crypto wallet—your crypto wallet will be tied to the email address associated with your Spring account. Even if you transfer your NFT to another wallet, you’ll receive royalties (if your NFT is resold on other marketplaces) in your original wallet.

Are there Terms Of Service for selling NFTs? 

Before you launch an NFT, you must ensure you have read and understood both Spring’s Terms of Service and Bondly’s ULA. We’ll ask you to submit and agree before you complete your NFT submission. 

I just sold my NFT. Why is the listing marked as Out Of Stock? 

If you choose to offer more than one NFT, each of your 1 of 1 editions will live on separate listings. After each NFT is sold, it will be marked as “out of stock.” (i.e. your listing will not be relaunched like regular physical or digital products).

If I launch an NFT, will it be damaging to the environment?

Bondly works with the Polygon blockchain allowing eco-friendly NFT minting, and is setting up a fund to offset their carbon footprint. We only mint NFTs after purchase to reduce wastage. Polygon uses 99.998% less energy compared to other blockchains. For example, one NFT with Polygon uses x3 less energy than streaming a video online for 1 hour. Learn more about Polygons’ responsible minting here. 

You told me my NFT listing has been published, where is it?

Your NFT listing(s)’s visibility setting is “private”; this means you’re the only one who can see it when logged in to your Spring account. Set your NFT listing to “public” whenever you’re ready to start promoting within the listing’s settings. Learn more.

What are the benefits of NFTs for creators and fans? Are NFTs right for me? 

Through Mint-On-Demand™, our aim is to empower creators to enter this new exciting version of the internet easily, and enable you to monetize in a brand new way. If you can sell merch, you can sell NFTs. Fans buy your physical merch to support you and prove they’re a dedicated fan—NFTs are exactly the same concept.