Spring’s quality overhaul: Introducing AS COLOUR.

In News by Accounts Amaze March 11, 2021
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Enhancing your freedom and ability to create, share, and earn with ease—product quality is our top priority. Create AS Colour products now.

The flawless basics collection

AS Colour’s success is powered by their dedication to the sustainability and quality of their supply. From material, feel, appearance and optimal surfaces for printing, AS Colour products stand the test of time. They have 3 key principles; quality is key, respect the details, and keep it simple. 

AS Colour look closely at the elements required to make the perfect blank garment— technology, skill, location, price, and efficiency. 

  • All AS Colour products are reviewed to achieve optimal quality, making sure garments fit correctly and are true to size.
  • All products are sourced from top grade materials—an essential requirement for the garment to hold its shape, making it built to last. All AS Colour products available within the launcher contain between 80-100% cotton.
  • The premium finish is everything. These products make the best surface for printing your designs.

Click the link above to view AS Colour products available in the launcher now. Premium tees and hoodies characteristics include: 

  • All products are pre-shrunk so garments stay true to size after wash.
  • All products contain 80-100% cotton. 
  • All tees feature a crew neck and ribbing, double needle hems and side seams.
  • Multiple color options available
  • Sizes range from S-2XL

Environmental performance

If AS Colour can reduce environmental impact without sacrificing quality, they will certainly do so. By removing single use plastic throughout supply such as bags (retail and courier), product tags, and warehouse storage such as palettes, they’re aiming to improve all the time.

AS Colour have partnered with Cotton Australia, an organization with the goal of becoming the most socially and environmentally responsible production group in the global cotton industry.  Together, they’re looking for new ways to increase water productivity and reduce the use of pesticides during the cultivation and harvesting process. Learn more about the efforts AS Colour are making to ensure their production stays ethical here.

Social duty

Not only can you feel confident about the outstanding quality of these products, but also feel comfortable knowing they are sourced responsibly. AS Colour undergo a thorough review process before selecting partners throughout their supply chain.

AS Colour hold themselves responsible for the safety and treatment of every worker involved. Check out more about their Code of Conduct. Another element that makes us proud to partner with AS Colour is their ‘Better Cotton’ initiative. Other steps ethical steps AS Colour take: 

  • Improving livelihoods and economic development in cotton producing areas
  • Reduction of the environmental impact of cotton production
  • Commitment to the Better Cotton initiative throughout supply chain

Head to the launcher below to start applying your designs to AS Colour products or order samples.

Pricing structure

Note: The AS Colour collection is part of the Pricing Discount scheme, helping creators to earn more on each product sold. The amount of items you sold in the previous month can help to reduce the base cost for your AS Colour products the following month. See pricing discount tiers below.