Make some noise with audio digital products

In Digital by Accounts Amaze November 17, 2020
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We’ve seen audio files launched by the thousands since the Digital Launcher went live to all creators. Musicians, writers, influencers, artists and teachers have flocked allowing their fans to download their audio digital products and start listening within minutes.

An audio digital product is any file you can listen to–for example, we’ve seen podcasts, audio books, music files, house and jazz mixes, and many more. Start considering how yours will take shape and keep reading for details on how to sell audio files and get inspo from other creators.

Preparing audio files for upload

  • Audio files should be uploaded in MP3 format 
  • Use the product description in the Digital Launcher to explain what your audio digital product is, how it can be used, and how your community can listen after download.
  • Check out effective mobile templates in the mock-up vault to create the perfect product preview. Make sure the images you select for your listing sums up your audio digital product. You might come up with an album cover, a book cover with a play button (to make it clear it’s an audio file), or a phone with sound waves behind a phone mock-up to demonstrate a ringtone.

Music tracks and albums

Audio digital products are perfect for musicians, music artists and songwriters. Upload tracks, singles, mixes and jingles to the Digital Launcher for fans to enjoy in many ways. EIGHTEEN02 uses their product description to describe how their beat can be listened to as background music, applied as intro music on video projects, or simply played to listen to and help fans relax. The music covers they’ve downloaded as their preview images are super cool too, resembling album covers. Check out other cool audio products such as The Trip of Our Lives By THawks, Mad Love by DJ Sauna Fans Only and the amazing Bentley Jones albums.

Audio books 

Share your written pieces so your community can listen instead of read. Audio books make for a great way for writers, influencers and artists to share podcasts, read aloud fiction and non-fiction books, as well as selling inspiring, educational material. Check out how Weird Entertainment Network shares the chapters of their stories as several audio digital products. Upload a product preview image in the Digital Launcher as if it were a digital book cover. 

Wellness sound techniques

Researchers, scientists, as well as wellbeing, meditation and spiritual enthusiasts have been uploading audio digital products for their communities. Fans can download and use to either learn about interesting topics, better themselves or heal through sound technology. Lady Tina Social School also uploaded a Clear Speech Tongue Twister audio exercise for those who lack clear speech and wish to improve mumbling, slurring or speed talking. Lady Tina uploads product preview images that show earphones and phone mock-up, working brilliantly to demonstrate the products usability.


Remember custom ringtones? They’re back. Thousands of creators from all different backgrounds such as lifestyle influencers, comedians, music artists, and many more are selling sounds for communities to use for notifications on their devices. Check out Bootsy Collins’s bundle of exclusive sound clips of Bootsy’s recorded voice for ringtones, alarms, and mail notifications. Be sure to let your fans know how to apply their newly downloaded ringtones within their device settings. 

Ready to start flexing your noisiest audio digital products? Get the sounds your community will love by uploading to the Digital Launcher below.