Boosted network merger: more SEO and SEM sales

In Uncategorized by Accounts Amaze February 2, 2019

Not only are payouts be simplified thanks to our guaranteed profit system, but our integration with Boosted Network enables our team to heavily invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) too. We have already hired new team members to focus on generating growth through SEO and SEM—two extremely effective tools for driving sales.

Please note: From 10/13/2021, we decided to shift resources towards new initiatives that will help creators increase their sales while enhancing their unique brand. We’ll have more news around these new initiatives soon so watch this space.

Simplified profit structure

In the past, marketing on the platform has been comprised of 3 different elements: marketplace, email marketing, and paid promotion. Each element had its own CPO (cost per order), which creates a confusing experience for creators. This merger allows us to simplify payouts and analytics for Spring driven sales—now your sales will appear as either ‘Direct’ (driven by you through organic promotion, ads, etc.) or ‘Boosted Network’. Sales from the Boosted Network will be shown in the Analytics section of your dashboard.

You’ll receive the guaranteed profit amount per product based on the category it belongs to. There’s only one exception to this rule—if you set your profit too low. If your profit margin is lower than the guaranteed profit amount, then you’ll receive the profit margin you’ve set. Therefore, we recommend making your selling prices above the guaranteed profit amount—this means setting your selling price for small accessories to $2+ profit margin, tees and home decor to $4+ profit margin, and all-over print products and sweatshirts to $6+ profit margin.

Prioritizing SEO & SEM   

We’ve invested heavily in driving more sales using SEO and SEM. By having members of the team to support these efforts, we’re confident this will drive more sales. Creators who are concerned about reduced profit margins due to the new profit structure should come out on top with an increase in overall sales and higher profits on products like mugs, stickers, totes and phone cases.

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