Exclusively sell official Champion merch: how it works

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You’ve got first access to offer embroidered, official branded products; starting with Champion. So far, Spring creators who have created official Champion merch have made almost $690,000 in sales. Now it’s your turn.

Dropping limited edition products engages fans, big time. Plus, selling popular branded merch featuring your design is a testament to your success. Rely on Spring’s Custom Products team to handle everything from prototype design, sampling, logistics, listing creation, fulfillment, customer support, and more.

To start creating Champion branded products, read through the process, rules and guidelines, and top FAQs before filling out the submission form with your specifications below.

Note: You can only drop one product at a time. Please make separate submissions if you would like to launch more than one Champion product featuring different designs or colors. Fulfillment will take place in the US, but global shipping is available.

Champion product catalog

Look through the Champion products catalog below by clicking on the image. Choose the product you would like to offer and start thinking about the embroidered design element you’d like to add.

Click on the image above to see Champion products available.

Design rules

Please review the design rules carefully below before you submit your application. If you submit a design that does not follow the rules below, we’ll have to reject your submission. 

  • Your design cannot feature the Champion logo or wordmark 
  • If you would not like to use our design services and have your own design, you must submit designs in PNG format with a DPI of 150 or higher 
  • Your design must not contain any offensive imagery or text including references to politics, alcohol, tobacco, nudity, swear words, etc.
  • Designs must comply with Spring’s Intellectual Property and Acceptable Use policies.

How it works

1) Apply for branded products 

To get started, fill your details via the form linked at the top of the blog. We’ll review your application and ensure your profile matches with Champion’s requirements. 

Once you’re approved, we’ll send a link for you to pay a deposit of $200. After this is paid, we can begin the process.

This non-refundable deposit covers the cost of designing your original concept, creating your sample, and mailing it to you. The design stage includes 3 revisions to get your final embroidered prototype perfect.

2) Bring your ideas to life with Spring’s design team

After you’ve paid your deposit, you’ll be sent a form to let us know what you’re imagining for your embroidery design. Before completing the form, ensure you’ve read through and understand the guidelines below: 

  • Your design needs to be 4×4 inches max
  • Embroidery artwork can have up to 5 individual block colors. 
  • Avoid using gradients 
  • For tees, hoodies, outerwear: your design must be placed on the upper chest area only (left, right or middle).
  • For joggers, shorts, and sweatpants: your design can only be located on the left or right leg, upper thigh area.

Once you’ve submitted the form, our professional design team will create an embroidery design for your drop. This usually takes up to two weeks (dependent on revisions needed. 3 are included with your deposit, any further are $50 each).

3) Receive your first sample

Once you’ve approved the design prototype, we’ll embroider it onto your chosen Champion product. We’ll then photograph it and send it to you for your approval. The sampling process usually takes around a week. 

After you’ve approved, we’ll ship it to you and notify you once it’s on its way—delivery can take up to a week or anywhere from 1- 4 weeks for international shipping (outside of US).

4) Photograph your sample, prepare to go live

When your sample arrives, it’s a good idea to photograph yourself wearing it. Send finished imagery to unlockd@spri.ng for us to include them in your listing (this gets more sales).

In the meantime, we’ll check there’s enough inventory available to go live and get your listing ready. When you’re ready to go, head to the “Listings” tab in your Spring dashboard and change your campaign’s visibility settings to “public”. Edit the product price if you wish.

From the day you set your listing to public, the pre-sale campaign will be live for your fans to purchase for two weeks.

5) Meet your MOQ with these promo tips

As soon as you set your listing to “public”, you have 14 days to sell 50 units to meet the MOQ (minimum order quantity). Ensure you have promo content ready to post on social media

  • Start creating hype on socials before you set your listing to public. Teasing your product the week before your presale begins will drum up excitement.
  • Take pictures with your product, feature your item in video content, show it off live
  • Make sure the link to your listing is discoverable—we suggest using Linktree
  • Create FOMO. Let your fans know they only have 14 days to purchase your limited edition design before it’s too late

6) Merch gets shipped, you get paid

Once your 2 week pre-sale campaign is over and you’ve successfully reached 50 sales, we’ll remove your listing and end the campaign (If the MOQ is not met for any item, that campaign item will be canceled, and orders will be refunded). Here’s whats next:

  • Typically, production and fulfillment takes up to 2 weeks. Shipping timelines will depend on the shipping method your fans choose at checkout and where they are in the world. 
  • Collect your profits from the Payouts section of your account once your branded products have been shipped. We’ll notify you once they’re ready to be cashed out.

Promotional rules for branded products

We know you’ll be excited to share these products with fans and followers and we encourage you to promote these products through all promotional channels.

However, because you are accessing products through Spring’s Brand Partnership Program, and not directly through the brand, there are strict stipulations to acceptable promotional language and graphics that can be used. Any Spring creator who uses this language will have their listing suspended and lose access to Branded products as well as Spring’s Brand Partnership Program in general.

The use of language such as ‘official collab’ or ‘collaboration’ in reference to Champion or tagging any official Champion social media accounts is a direct violation of brand partnership promotional requirements. When mentioning your products in videos or posting on social media please keep the following do’s and don’ts in mind:

Don’t use phrases like:

  • I’m collaborating with Champion
  • These products are an official collab with Champion
  • Don’t tag @Champion in any promotional posts

Do use phrases like:

  • I’ve unlocked official Champion products
  • I’ve created official Champion merch
  • I’m selling official Champion merch
  • I’ve designed on official Champion products
  • I’ve gotten access to official Champion products through Spring
  • Do tag @springforcreators in any promotional posts if you want to

Branded product FAQs

A Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is the minimum number of units that need to be sold in order for us to go into production for that product. In this instance, you will need to sell at least 50 units per product style to go into production and generate earnings. 

If after your 14-day campaign you are not able to reach the MOQ of 50 units, all orders will be canceled and your fans will receive a full refund.

The non-refundable down payment deposit gives you access to work with a professional design team member to create an original design. The nonrefundable fee also covers a sample of the garment you intend to release with your artwork embroidered as well as shipping the sample to your home address.

The down payment deposit is a non-refundable fee that allows you access to use branded products. This deposit will not be refunded, even if the MOQ isn’t reached after your pre-sale campaign has ended. 

Each project will have varying lengths. This is dependent on the time it takes you to pay the non-refundable deposit, your response time to each email, and the number of revisions needed for your design.

Average time for each step of the process:

  • Design: 2 weeks
  • Sampling: 1 week 
  • Shipping your sample: 1 week (US based) / 1-4 weeks (International)
  • Listing creation: 1-3 days
  • Check there is enough inventory available
  • Presale: 2 weeks
  • Production + Fulfillment: 2-3 weeks
  • Shipping to your fans: 1 week (US based) / 1-4 weeks (International)

If you decide for any reason to put your project on hold, we will consider the latest version of your design and/or sample as approved and will complete the project at that stage and consider our obligations fulfilled. 

If your fans have any issues with their order, please have them contact fanhelp@spri.ng.