Fanny packs have arrived

In News by Accounts Amaze June 24, 2020

Fanny packs, also known as waist bags or hip packs, will continue to trend as one of the hottest selling accessories this year. You can earn $15+ with each fanny pack sale while giving customers a stylish way to carry their stuff with plenty of storage options and an adjustable fit. Head to the Teespring Launcher to create this exciting new product instantly. 

Product details

Designs are printed on the front of fanny packs (single sided print) and the back panel is black, which matches the adjustable strap, interior lining, and zippers. With a base cost of $19.75, Teespring users can expect to make $15+ in profit when selling fanny packs at our recommended retail price of $34.99.

  • Fanny packs are made of lightweight, 100% spun polyester with a fully lined interior.
  • They also feature a strap which can be adjusted to 52” at full length to accommodate a variety of sizes. 
  • The back panel is made to protect from wear and tear and is easy to clean. 
  • Fanny packs offer a variety of storage options and feature a back pocket with zipper plus an interior pocket with zipper and three card holders. 

Design inspiration

You’re able to customize the entire front area of this product, which leaves a lot of room for imagination. Check out our free design patterns linked below plus our fanny pack inspiration board on Pinterest to see what’s selling. When designing fanny packs, keep in mind the printable dimensions are 15.56″ x 5.72″ (2,334 x 858 pixels) for the main panel, and 15.56″ x 2.04″ (2,334 x 306 pixels) for the top panel. We recommend creating designs that are 300 DPI (minimum of 120 DPI) for highest quality print possible.