Cracking the Fall merch code: Secrets to finding fall products and apparel fans will love!

In Creator success, Design tips by Danielle Pederson August 24, 2023

Fall is a season filled with pumpkin spice lattes and those snug, oversized blankets that we all adore. Autumn carries us away from the sunny days of summer into cool evening nights and falling leaves. The season has a distinct vibe. Creators who can capture the essence of fall in products and apparel can connect with their audience in a meaningful and stylish way.

Thankfully, cracking the code of autumn merch isn’t rocket science. It’s about tuning into market trends, getting a feel for your fans’ desires, drawing inspiration from fellow creators, and catering to the season’s unique demands. We’ve broken down this process into four simple steps outlined below, so you can effortlessly roll out those irresistible fall products, delight your fans, and watch your sales shoot through the roof.

Ready? Let’s dive into these four moves that’ll make this fall your most fall-tastic one yet.

Learn the Fall Market Trends. 

Learning the fall market trends is one of the best ways to understand what sells during the autum season. There are specific themes, colors, and styles that resonate with consumers in fall that you’ll want to think about when creating your fall-inspired merch. 

  • Themes. Autumn is a time of warmth, change, and celebration, and your merch should reflect that. Think beyond the obvious with creative themes like the buzz of college life, the richness of harvest season, the beauty of gratitude, the excitement of football game day, fall foliage, and the ever-popular Oktoberfest. These themes capture the heart of fall and will help you create merch that resonates with your fans.
  • Colors. Colors have the power to evoke emotions and capture the spirit of a season. This fall, dive into the trending shades that are stealing the spotlight:
Rose Violet (a deep fuchsia) 
Red Orange (a bright orange)
Red Dahlia (a deep red)
High Visibility (a neon yellow)
Kohlrabi (a bright green) 
And, last but not least, the 2023 Color of the Year: Viva Magenta.
  • Styles. As the weather cools, people are looking to get cozy. It’s the perfect opportunity to offer merch most of us haven’t thought about since winter. Check out these blankets, hoodies, socks, pint glasses for game day, and mugs for all those pumpkin lattes. 

In addition to these market trends, also be sure to offer new products to diversify your store. Expanding your product line will help bring in more fans and give current fans more to choose from. Since games, hobbies, and home decor are on the rise, check out products like puzzles, drinkware, pillows, and blankets to capitalize on current trends. 

Listen to Your Fans and What They Want. 

Your fans are the heartbeat of your brand, and tapping into what they crave is a golden ticket to merch success. So use the tips below to learn the best ways to engage your fans in order to learn what fall-themed products resonate best with them.

  • Utilize social media to gauge fan interests. Social media isn’t just for scrolling; it’s a valuable tool for gauging your fans’ interests. Make use of tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and Twitter Analytics. With these gems, you can decode your audience’s gender, age, interests, location, and engagement habits. 
  • Conduct surveys and polls to gather feedback on fall-themed products in order to get a better understanding of what your fans want from you. A great way to win fans is to offer a brand new product from a fan comment. It shows you’re engaged with your community.
  • Analyze comments and engagement on your content. Want to win over hearts and create lifelong fans? Listen closely. Sometimes, the best ideas come from the fans themselves. Pay attention to their comments and suggestions – they hold the key to what they truly want. Don’t hesitate to transform a fan’s comment into a brand new product. This kind of engagement doesn’t just show you’re listening; it proves you’re an active part of your community’s journey.

Get Inspiration from Other Creators. 

Sometimes getting started can prove challenging. If you’re feeling stuck at what to create, try checking out the competition. 

Take a stroll through the fall offerings of creators in your niche. This isn’t about copying; it’s about aligning yourself with the currents of creative thought. By checking out what’s trending, you position yourself right in the flow of traffic. Observe what they’re offering and take note of what their fans are wearing. Who knows? This exploration might just spark a new, unique idea that you can add to your Spring store.

In addition to gaining inspiration from their designs, you can also see what’s most likely to be successful. Big brands didn’t reach their heights by accident. There’s wisdom in their choices, and you can tap into it. Explore the most popular fall products they’re offering. Don’t worry – this isn’t about mimicry; it’s about learning from what works.

By studying their successes, you can uncover strategies and designs that resonate with a broader audience. Remember, while you might borrow a page from their playbook, your brand’s voice and identity remain your guiding stars.

Understand Seasonal Needs.

At the end of the day, fall isn’t just about colors and coziness–it’s about entering into a different season filled with new duties and celebrations. Creating merch that speaks to seasonal needs can help you sell more and give your fans what they need. 

Keep in mind these big events: 

  • Back to college. Fall means back to college for many, so offer college essentials and college fashion: 90s fashion trends are in along with tie-dye, for example. And of course, when it comes to fall, hoodies are never out of style. 
  • Halloween and Thanksgiving. These are not just holidays; they’re moments of joy and celebration for your fans. And guess what? They’re getting geared up for it well in advance. It’s your chance to inspire them to shop early, and what better way than with Halloween and Thanksgiving-themed products? From quirky mugs that scream “Halloween spirit” to home decor, your offerings can elevate these celebrations to a whole new level.

So that’s it! Four easy steps. Learn the fall market trends, listen to what your fans want, find inspiration from other creators, and understand seasonal needs. Voila! Now go create that fall-inspired merch when you sign into Spring and have a fall-tastic season!