Introducing Spring’s Holiday Resource Hub: Your Guide to Holiday Sales Success

In Creator success, Holiday Season by Danielle Pederson September 26, 2023

The Holidays are upon us and for most people that means its time to get cuddled up in a blankie by the fire with hot cocoa–but for Spring creators that means… SALES!!! Lots of them.

How many Spring products did we plug into the opening sentence? Let’s see…Blanket, Mug, Pillow, maybe you’re even cuddled up in a hoodie with a tee underneath and leggings…the merch possibilities are endless! Just sayin.

But here’s the real deal: Creators like you see a whopping 121% boost in revenue during the holiday season compared to the rest of the year. Impressive, right?

And guess what? A recent 2022 survey revealed that 26% of online shoppers kickstart their holiday shopping as early as August. And another 26% jump into action come early November. 

Source: Statista

With 70% of consumers starting their holiday shopping before Thanksgiving, you’ve got to launch and promote your products pronto!

But don’t stress, we’ve got your back with a bunch of handy resources that will make designing, launching, and promoting your merch easier than ever.

First, We’ve Got Our Holiday Resource Hub

Even if you’re ready to launch, you may need a little (or a lot of) direction on things like, what products you should launch, or what designs you should put on them. Maybe you want to learn some tips for driving more traffic to your store, or getting more visibility on your products. 

What if there was one place you could check out all the resources available to you so that you could be sure you’re being the most effective and efficient? Would you use it? Of course you would. And the best part is it’s free! 

The Holiday Resource Hub is a one stop shop for creators creators to learn all the tips and tricks and best practices to help you launch and promote your holiday merch—esentially, a place for you to learn how to maximize your sales this holiday season! 

Here’s what you can find on the Holiday Resource Hub:

Design Tips and Inspo.

Spring’s Holiday Resource Hub’s Design Section

200% more designs are launched on Spring during the holiday season than any other time of year…so join the party! Here are some tips on how.

  1. Resonate. Lean into themes that resonate within your community; play on popular sayings, catch phrases, or key moments from your content. 
  2. Find inspiration on our Pinterest board. Check out our Pinterest board, showcasing the latest merch styles and trends popping up in the creator community. 
  3. Crowdsourcing. What do your fans want? Learn how to source ideas and inspiration from your followers with our easy-to-follow guide. 
  4. Stick to what works. Your new merch doesn’t necessarily have to be holiday-themed. Your fans are shopping for year-round merch as well. All you gotta do is launch something new. 

Design Help.

Spring’s Holiday Resource Hub’s Design Section

The Resource Hub has got you covered. Whether it’s color palettes, templates, or how you can hire a designer, we got you! 

Product Reccomendations.

Spring’s Holiday Resource Hub’s Products Section

We’ve curated the top products that you need to add to your store this holiday season. Even for your existing designs, these are the real money-makers! For example, hoodies and sweatshirts sell 400% more in November and December! 

Tips on Boosting Sales.

Spring’s Holiday Resource Hub’s Sales Section.

We’ve got lots of tips on maximizing sales as well as the key dates you want to hit for promotions. Here’s a little tidbit: Did you know that showing samples in your content boosts sales by 50%! That’s no joke! 

Key Dates in our Countdown Calendar.

Spring’s Holiday Resource Hub’s Sales Section.

There are a few key dates you want to use as benchmarks throughout the holidays (Ex. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Last Call for Shipping, etc.). 

This last bit brings us to…The Countdown Calendar!

Get set for a season of success (and win cool prizes along the way) with our Holiday Countdown Calendar! Let’s break this down. 

  1. Holiday Calendar. There are multiple key dates on the calendar you want to be aware of so you can be best prepared. Some examples include: 
    1. Checklists. 
    2. Prize schedule. (yes, you can win prizes!) 
    3. How and when to drive more traffic. 
    4. Promo codes and key dates to use them. 
    5. Digital Products and when it’s most optimal to push them. 
    6. Key Shipping Deadlines (You want to pay attention to those BIG TIME because that will help with customer satisfaction). 
  2. Prizes. You will see lots of prizes on the calendar. Pay attention to the dates and plan accordingly so you can get yours! Prizes include, but are not limited to:
    1. Free Merch Designs
    2. Free Samples
    3. Spring Sponsored Promo Codes 
    4. Gift cards 
    5. Features in Email and Social 

Check the Countdown Calendar for prize dates and details! 

Final Thoughts

What are you still here for? Get over to the Holiday Resource Hub, start following those tips, sync your Calendar, design new merch, and launch now! Happy (Prospering) Holidays!!!