How to Leverage Your Following to Create Buzz for Your Merch Drop

In Uncategorized by Danielle Pederson March 15, 2024

Ready to turn your following into some serious cash? Selling your own branded merch is an easy way to do that and also helps you build a deeper connection with your fans. And guess what? If you’ve got a big or super-engaged following, you’re already halfway there! 

All that’s left to be done is get that community hyped up for your next merch drop, which guarantees a killer launch that’ll send your sales into orbit. So let’s dive in and learn 7 proven strategies on how to make your next merch drop break the internet! (Not literally, but you get the gist).

1. Know your fans inside and out

You probably don’t need a refresher here, but we’re going to give it to you anyway. If you’ve done the legwork of growing your fanbase, you most likely have a solid idea of what your fans are about and what they’re into. But let’s not diminish this key first step! Knowing their likes and dislikes is the key to making money. Understand their language. Design your merch with their desires in mind, which will greatly aid you in preparing a killer drop and getting the word out to your followers once it’s live. 

Also, be sure to tet familiar with your audience stats on your social media analytics. Most platforms give you this in the form of age, gender, when they’re most active, etc. Use this goldmine of data to schedule posts leading up to your merch drop and work out the best way to chat with your fans. 

2. Pick products that make sense

Ok, you’ve got your designs. What products do you put them on? This is where knowing your fans truly pays off. 

Let’s say it’s summertime and your fanbase is primarily in the U.S. You’re obviously gonna load up on warm-weather merch like tees, tank tops, water bottles, etc. But what if you have fans in Alaska or even Australia (where our summer is their winter)? In that case, you’ll want to have some cozy items like sweaters, jackets, hoodies, and beanies to keep your fans warm. Heck, even mugs for that hot cup of brew. 

Additionally, you need to pay attention to your niche. For example, if your content is all about gaming, then dropping gaming gear like a rad desk mat or a slick Nintendo Switch case will get your fans pumped up way more than beach towels or shower curtains. 

If you’re not sure what products to pick for your niche, check out our core collections for some awesome ideas!

3. Create hype

Once you have your products ready to go, you need to build excitement. Hop on your socials and other channels to get your fans hyped up for your merch drop. Tease some samples in your content so fans can actually get a sneak peek. Talk about your process of designing your merch (because everyone loves a good behind-the-scenes moment).

If you want to go the extra mile, take a few moments to explain why you created these designs or picked these products. Creators who can make an emotional connection with their fans over their merch perform significantly better than those who just say “Check out my new lineup!”

4. Hand out discounts

Hook up your fans with discounts before the big launch! Share a promo code over your socials ahead of time and encourage fans to use it as soon as your merch goes live. Just make sure to set up that promo code before you launch and clearly communicate when the code ends. (You can create codes easily on your dashboard here).

Discounts are great for getting your fans to snag your merch ASAP and can create some serious FOMO. After all, nobody wants to miss out on a deal, right?

5. Mix it up with other influencers or brands

Consider collaborating with other influencers or brands to spread the news of your merch drop so you can attract new customers. Collaborating with creators who share your vibe can help you expand your fanbase and create a buzz that spreads like wildfire.

6. Only offer merch for a limited time

Create some serious FOMO by offering limited edition merch! If fans snooze and don’t buy, they’ll miss out! Having a limited supply of anything increases value. Plus, if your launch is successful you can always bring it back in the future “by popular demand.” Making your merch scarce will have everyone scrambling to snag it before it’s gone and will get fans ready to pounce the next time you have a merch drop. 

7. Hit ‘em up with emails

Tap into email marketing to keep your biggest fans in the loop about your merch drop! If you’ve got an email list, send out must-read newsletters, sneak peeks, and special deals to keep your fans hyped and ready to shop.

And if you’re not rockin’ an email list yet but wanna blast out some merch news, hit us up at Our crew might just hook you up and help you reach your past buyers with some epic merch updates!

So there you have it. You’re building your fanbase, so now you need to tap into it for some serious cash. As always, Happy Selling!