How to Create Content to Promote Your Black Friday Deals

In Creator success, Holiday Season by Danielle Pederson November 17, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of commerce, two days stand out as monumental opportunities for creators to boost their sales and connect with their fans: Black Friday and Cyber Monday (plus the Saturday & Sunday in-between). These shopping extravaganzas have become global phenomena, with consumers eagerly awaiting the chance to snag exclusive deals and discounts from their favorite brands and creators.

But don’t just take our word for it! Here are some staggering stats:

  • According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), Black Friday and Cyber Monday consistently rank among the top shopping days of the year, with billions of dollars spent collectively.
  • Statista reports that in 2022, global online sales on Black Friday amounted to over $8 billion!

So enough with the reasons. Let’s roll with the reality that you’re ready to prep your store with products you’d like to promote for these two shopping sprees. Want to know how to cut through the noise and let shoppers know you have deals they should snag? Don’t worry, we’ll cover how you can set up Black Friday & Cyber Monday promotions in your Spring store and some best practices for creating content to promote on your socials. Let’s go!

How to create a Promo code on Spring

How to Create Content for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

When we talk about creating content, what we’re asking is: What content will you create that announces you are participating in the sales frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday? The easiest way to do this is to announce that you are running a promotion (a discount) on products in your Spring store through the shopping weekend. Promotions are what your fans are expecting, so this will be the linchpin of your content. 

Here’s what you should consider when creating promotions on Spring: 

  1. Pick a dollar amount or percentage discount to offer your fans. Note that this will apply to all items in your store, so do the math on what makes the most sense. For example, if you have a die cut sticker, instead of offering a discount dollar amount, choose a percentage because you may be taking a loss on the item. On the flip side, offering 15% off on a $50 item will cost you more money than giving a promo code for $5 off. Do the math. See which one favors you.
  2. Consider free shipping. Be aware that Spring’s shipping is only free in the U.S. so make sure you’re within your profit margin if you’re shipping internationally. 
  3. Set a time limit on your promo codes. Keep in mind that Spring’s platform is on UTC time. So if you set your sale to end on Friday at midnight, it will end at 3:59 p.m. Friday PST. 
  4. Timing is everything. Set your promotion to go live at a specific date, and make sure you announce the promo either right before or on that date. More on announcing promos on your socials below.

Tips for Promoting on Your Socials

Promoting your discount on social media is the main avenue for getting word about your promotion to your fans. However, there are some key things to keep in mind when it comes to posting your sale on social media:

  1. Tease your promo. Announce that you’ll have an upcoming Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday sale. Build excitement. Do count-down posts. Make sure you clearly state the date it starts AND the date it ends (Note: All Spring promo codes are in UTC time zone).
  2. Use short videos & graphics. Canva has many free templates you can use to create stunning graphics, and they also have social media sales templates that can easily be customized to match your brand. You can also use CapCut for free to make short form videos announcing your sale (check out their sale templates that are easy to use). 
  3. Use samples! Photos and/or videos of you or others wearing your merch can increase sales by 300%. But if you don’t have samples to use, you can always use platforms like Placeit to drop your designs on models and use them in your content.
  4. Post A LOT once your promo is live. Social is all about timing. Keep posting teasers and reminders about your promo and include a countdown to when it ends. FOMO is strong and if fans know time is running out, they’ll be incentivized to buy now.
  5. Thank your fans when the sale is over. This is important. Once your promotion is over, be sure to thank your fans for participating. You don’t have to give numbers. But gratitude will go a long way, especially as you are asking fans to spend money on you. Give the love back.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday represent more than just days of frenzied shopping. For creators, these events are an opportunity to boost sales, connect with your fans, and position you and your brand as a player in a highly competitive market.

You got this! Happy selling!