How to Score More Brand Deals With a Killer Media Kit

In Creator success by aj betancourt April 9, 2024

Have you ever wondered what makes some content creators stand out from the crowd while others blend into the background? Here’s the secret: it’s all about the media kit!

Your media kit is key to forming exciting brand partnerships, streamlined collaboration processes, and a seriously polished professional image. Sure, your follower count might already turn heads, but a top-notch media kit goes the extra mile by giving brands the back-end details they crave – audience demographics, engagement rates, and past collaborations.

Keep reading to learn how a media kit will benefit you, step-by-step instructions on how to create one for yourself, and where to put it. 

Benefits of creating a media kit:

Media kits are like your superhero cape in the world of content creation, and they come with three superpowers:

1. Showcase Your Influence:

Think of your media kit as your chance to strut your stuff and show brands just how awesome you are. Whether it’s your impressive follower count or your sky-high engagement rates, your media kit is the perfect place to flaunt your metrics and prove why brands should be falling over themselves to work with you.

2. Streamlining Collaboration:

Let’s face it, nobody has time for endless back-and-forth emails and negotiations. But with a killer media kit, you can cut through the noise and make it super easy for brands to see why you’re the perfect fit for their next campaign.

3. Elevating Your Brand Image:

Your media kit is more than just a bunch of numbers on a page – it’s your chance to show brands that you mean business. By putting together a slick, professional media kit, you’re telling brands that you’re serious about your craft and that you’re ready to take your content to the next level. Plus, it’s a great way to stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression on potential partners.

How to create an epic media kit:

Below we’ve outlined all the steps you need to take in order to create a kick-ass media kit that will impress potential partners. Follow them to create yours!

1. Define Your Brand Identity:

Start by diving deep into what makes your brand unique. Are you the ultimate DIY diva with a knack for turning trash into treasure? Maybe you’re the go-to guru for all things gaming, slaying Twitch streams like nobody’s business. Whatever it is, own it! Define your brand’s vibe, tone, and values. Think of it like creating your brand’s mood board—except it’s all about you!

2. Drop Those Contact Deets:

Now, let’s make it easy for potential partners to slide into your DMs. Share your deets—full name or brand name, contact info, website URL, and social handles.

3. Describe Your Content:

Clearly lay out what type of content you create so a brand/company can quickly assess if you’ll be compatible for what they’re looking for. Whether you’re a master storyteller on YouTube, a meme connoisseur on TikTok, or a podcast prodigy, let ’em know what you bring to the table. 

You’ll also want to highlight your top-performing content pieces, from viral videos to blog posts that broke the internet. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your creativity and show potential partners what sets your content apart from the rest.

Example (for a beauty vlogger):

I’m your go-to for all things beauty and makeup, and share my tips and tricks on TikTok (1.1 M followers), YouTube (56K subscribers), and Instagram (28K followers).

My Top-Performing Content:

10-Minute Makeup Transformation (YouTube): This video gained 2.3 million views and shows how I apply my makeup when I only have 10 minutes. 

Quick 5-Minute Makeup Tutorial (TikTok): This viral video got over 3 million views on TikTok and shows how to apply a full face of makeup with limited products and time. 

What Sets Me Apart:

Unlike many beauty influencers, I prioritize authenticity over perfection. I’m not afraid to showcase my imperfections and provide genuine, relatable content that resonates with my audience. No filters, no facades—just real beauty, inside and out.

4. Provide Audience Insights:

Your audience is extremely important to potential partners. They want to know who’s vibing with your content, and see if it makes sense with what they’re selling. 

So, spill the tea on your following’s age, location, interests, and what makes them tick. Whether you’re catering to Gen Z gamers, millennial moms, or beauty enthusiasts of all ages, paint a picture of your loyal squad and why they can’t get enough of your content.

Example (for a gamer):

Our squad is a vibrant mix of gamers from all walks of life, but the core crew tends to fall in the 18-34 age range. We’re talking about serious gamers and tech buffs who are all about staying on top of the latest gaming trends, reviews, and tips.

As for the gender breakdown, it’s about 70% guys and 30% girls hanging out with us. But guess what? We’re seeing more and more awesome ladies joining the fun every day! Our community isn’t bound by borders either—we’ve got gamers tuning in from all over, whether they’re chilling in North America, Europe, or kicking it in the Asia-Pacific region.

We connect with our peeps across platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Discord, where we dive deep into gaming culture, live streams, and epic esports showdowns.

5. List Out Engagement Metrics:

Let’s talk numbers, baby! How’s your engagement looking? Drop those digits—website traffic, followers, likes, comments—all of it! Show ’em you’re not just talking the talk but walking the walk with those sky-high engagement rates.



  • Subscribers: 100K
  • Average Views per Video: 40K
  • Engagement Rate: 10%


  • Followers: 500K
  • Monthly Likes: 640K
  • Average Likes per Video: 10K
  • Average Comments per Video: 90


  • Followers: 200K
  • Engagement Rate: 15%
  • Average Likes per Post: 2K
  • Average Comments per Post: 45

6. Show Off Previous Partnerships:

Time to flex those collab muscles! Share your previous partnerships, collabs, and sponsored gigs. Name-drop those big-name brands you’ve been strutting your stuff with. Whether it’s rocking the latest makeup from Sephora or repping those must-have sneakers from Nike, let ’em know who you’ve been cozying up to.

Showing who you’ve worked with can up your credibility and make you more desirable to other brands. 

Example (for a lifestyle content creator):

  1. FabFitFun (January 2023 – Present): Teamed up with FabFitFun to showcase their seasonal subscription boxes, featuring unboxing videos and product reviews. Our collaboration has garnered over 500K views on YouTube and sparked lively discussions on social media.
  2. Urban Outfitters (May 2022 – September 2022): Partnered with Urban Outfitters for a summer style campaign, showcasing their latest fashion trends and lifestyle products. Our collaboration resulted in a 18% increase in engagement on Instagram and drove traffic to Urban Outfitters’ website.
  3. HelloFresh (October 2021 – December 2021): Collaborated with HelloFresh to share easy and delicious meal prep ideas with my audience. Our partnership led to a 25% increase in engagement on TikTok and boosted brand awareness for HelloFresh among my followers.
  4. Peloton (March 2021 – July 2021): Teamed up with Peloton to promote their fitness equipment and digital workout classes. Through sponsored workout challenges and motivational content, we saw a 20% increase in engagement on Instagram and drove conversions to Peloton’s website.
  5. Airbnb Experiences (August 2020 – December 2020): Partnered with Airbnb to explore unique travel experiences and destinations. Our collaboration inspired my audience to book Airbnb Experiences, resulting in an 8% increase in bookings and positive feedback from participants.

7. Keep It Fresh:

Update your media kit regularly with all the latest and greatest about your brand. After all, you’re always evolving, so why shouldn’t your media kit? Try updating it every month to make sure you keep your metrics and content hits as recent as possible. 

Where to Put Your Media Kit

Alright, so you’ve got all this awesome content ready to showcase, but now you’re wondering: “How do I lay it all out in a way that’s gonna grab attention and keep ’em hooked?” 

Well, your media kit needs a home—a digital hub where it can shine like the superstar it is. The best place to put your media kit is on a dedicated landing page on your website. 

Now, let’s talk design. Your landing page should be sleek, stylish, and totally on-brand. Show off your personality and vibe from the get-go, so visitors know what they’re in for if they partner with you.

Next up is organization. Break your content down into bite-sized chunks—think sections like “About Me,” “Content Showcase,” and “Collaboration Opportunities.” Each section should be easy to navigate, with clear headings and plenty of visual flair to keep things interesting.

And don’t forget those calls to action! Whether it’s inviting visitors to reach out for collabs or encouraging them to explore more of your content, make sure there’s always a next step for them to take.

That’s it!

So, there you have it—your guide to slaying the media kit game like a true content queen (or king). Now go forth, dazzle those potential partners, and make your content dreams a reality! You’ve got this!