$40k in one day: How Matt Meagher sold 700+ Spring hoodies with Shops on Instagram

In Creators, Insights by Accounts Amaze November 15, 2021
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When Matt Meagher learned he could earn 100% profit on all Spring products sold through his Shop on Instagram, he got to work. Fast forward 24 hours—and now he’s $40,000 richer.

Creator Matt Meagher, otherwise known as MMG (Madden Mobile Gods), built a passionate  community on YouTube around the popular sports video game ‘Madden Ultimate Team’. 

On November 2nd, Spring announced creators would earn 100% profit for each sale made through their shop on Instagram. Matt saw the opportunity and grabbed it:

“100% Profit is honestly insane. Nobody can compete with that, and it makes me feel so much better about releasing a high quality product to my fans.”

After launching his ‘Dialed In’ merch on Spring, he ordered samples, took photos, and shared them with his community. Using Instagram’s powerful shop features, Matt tagged his products in stories and posts so fans could easily discover his products right within the app. 

In just 24 hours, he sold 728 hoodies and earned over $40,000 in profit.

“The seamless integration makes the purchase incredibly easy for my fans. They don’t even have to leave the app. Easier for them, easier for me, it’s a win-win.”

Matt continued to promote his products on Instagram, bringing in over $75,666 in just five days. This is just the beginning, and we can’t wait to see what he does next. 

It’s your turn now. Check your eligibility by heading straight to the app below and start winning over the holiday season. Plus, U.S. based fans will enjoy free shipping (up to $15) on all Spring products sold through your shop on Instagram until December 31, 2021. What are you waiting for?