Why samples are essential for promo content

In Insights by Accounts Amaze November 19, 2019
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Did you know featuring your products in promotional content can increase your sales by 50%? Whether you’re a creator, gamer, or internet marketer—showing off the quality of your products to followers and fans can significantly help increase your sales.

You can order samples of your products at base cost within the “Listings” section of your account at any time. Get inspired by the creators in this post and check out all the ways they’re featuring merch samples in video + photo content to increase their sales. 

Featuring your products in promotional content is a key step in selling. Thousands of creators are using samples to generate engagement and hype around their personal brands. Sharing photos and videos of your products is one of the most effective ways to increase your sales. 

Merch photo inspiration

Check out examples of how Teespring creators use merch samples to promote their products in an engaging way.

@unfollowcarter (254K subs)

@moriahelizabethofficial (3.77M subs)

@quietcoolkid (184K subs)

@xfor3v3rfaithfulx (621K subs)

Merch video inspiration

Our team has compiled several of our favorite promotional merch videos. Some creators go full-on to produce top quality branded content, others explain the story behind their designs to connect with fans, and some simply wear their merch and remind viewers where they can purchase it. As long as you’re wearing your products and reminding fans where they can get their own there’s no way to go wrong! Check out the list of merch-promoting videos and get inspired.

@Simplicissimuss (329k subs)

An engaging video-essay channel, Simplicissimus used Teespring to create a totally custom apparel brand called CultureCulture. They used a range of products from their line to create a stunning video segment and photoshoot using models to showcase the product range. They also created a dedicated Instagram account to promote the collection.

@MaxDiamond (1.3K subs)

Max is an amateur magic creator whose channel features trick tutorials, product demos, and commentary content. In addition to creating a standalone merch promo video he also hosted a giveaway (see section above) and wears his merch in videos to promote sales.

@PetrolHeadGarage (71.3K subs)

This channel is run by a group of mechanics (and friends) based in Spain. We love this video because it calls out the quality of their new Teespring merch line and focuses on how important their community is to the channel.

@Wintergartan (1.5M subs)

Wintergarten takes his merch promo to a whole new level by turning blueprints of his amazing music machine into custom posters. In this video this Sweden based creator explains the design process and showcases all the product available in custom poster collection

@ItsYeBoi (2.33M subs)

ItsYeBoi showcases his new merch collection in the beginning of his video. Apart from wearing his merch, showing new products available, and calling out where to buy them—he also reminds followers to tag him in photos once they receive their order and hints at an upcoming giveaway.

Using merch for giveaways & events

Apart from featuring merch in promotional content many creators also order their merch for giveaways and events.


Consider hosting a contest or giveaway to increase channel subscribers, newsletter subscriptions, social media followers, increase purchases, etc. When it’s time to reward the winner order your merch from your dashboard and once it arrives, mail it to your winner and add a personal touch like a note or photo in the package.

Max Diamond celebrated reaching 1k subscribers on his channel by launching his new merch line with a giveaway. The first 10 people to order a tee or sweatshirt also received a deck of cards. Followers could also win freebies by subscribing to his channel too.


Planning to attend an event? Order your merch ahead of time to give away or sell. The team from Holding Space Films ordered poster merch samples in preparation of their film tour—they’ll give away items as prizes and also hang posters at screenings to promote their film + drive online merch sales in their Teespring store.

Make ordering samples an integral part of building your brand with Teespring. Once you’ve created your products, order a sample, promote it and start selling–check out the video below to see how easy it is!