Unlock More Sales on Spring with These Product Design Tips

In Creator success, Design tips, Launching products by aj betancourt May 15, 2024

Ready to create hot-selling products on Spring and work smarter, not harder? We’ve got you! 

Below we get into the best practices and tools that can help you turn your creative ideas into real-life products that capture attention and drive sales.

Level Up with Top Design Tools

When you’re aiming to make your mark online, the design tools you choose can be game changers. Whether you’re setting up killer graphics for your Spring store or dropping eye-catching posts on social, having the right tools in your arsenal is crucial. From slick, easy-to-use apps for quick designs to professional-grade tools that won’t cost you a dime, here’s the lowdown on the top design tools that will help you create standout visuals in no time.

Canva: Your Go-To Design Studio

Canva is a goldmine for anyone looking to whip up designs quickly and efficiently. It’s stacked with free templates, photos, and graphics—perfect for creating everything from t-shirt designs to promotional graphics without breaking a sweat.

Photopea: Like Photoshop, but Free

If you’re into Adobe Photoshop but not the price, Photopea is your new best friend. It offers many of the same features for free, making it a solid pick for detailed editing and complex designs.

CorelVECTOR: Design on the Go

Whether you’re at a café or on your couch, CorelVECTOR lets you design from anywhere. It’s beginner-friendly and available on any device, making it super convenient for creatives who are always on the move.

Not enough options? Check out more design resources here.

Master the Art of Mockups to Perfect Your Designs

Getting your designs just right before they hit the market is crucial, and that’s where mockup tools come into play. They’re your best bet for ensuring your graphics look spot-on in real-life scenarios. 

Whether you’re adjusting a tee design or previewing a new phone case, these mockup generators let you see your creations in the wild before making them public. Here’s a lineup of some stellar mockup tools that can help refine your designs, providing a sneak peek at how they’ll actually look and feel to your customers.

Placeit: Visualize Before You Finalize

Placeit lets you see your designs in real-world settings, which is super helpful for making sure they look just as good on a product as they do on your screen. It’s perfect for fine-tuning your creations before they go live.

Mockup World: A Smorgasbord of Free Mockups

For a wide variety of mockup options, Mockup World is the place to be. It’s free and offers high-quality mockups for virtually any product you can think of.

Renderforest: Not Just Mockups

Renderforest is about more than just placing your design on a tee or mug; it’s also great for building your brand with custom logos, animations, and videos.

Mediamodifier: Quick, Realistic Mockups

Mediamodifier is ideal for those last-minute checks to ensure your design fits perfectly in the intended product scene. It’s all about giving you a realistic preview fast.

Design Smart: File Specs and Tips

Creating awesome designs is just the first step; the real magic happens when they’re print-ready. Nailing the technical specs is crucial to ensuring your visuals look as crisp and vibrant in person as they do on your screen. 

From choosing the right file formats and sizes to optimizing the resolution and color accuracy, here are the essential tips to keep your designs looking top-notch when printed. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or just starting out, these guidelines will help you master the art of file preparation for flawless results every time. You can also read our complete design requirements here.

File Formats and Sizes

Stick to high-quality PNG files to keep your visuals crisp and clear. Watch the file size—Spring has a 50 MB limit, so size your files accordingly.

Resolution for Perfection

For the sharpest details, aim for 300 DPI. If you’re working on larger designs, like for all-over prints, you might need to drop to 150 DPI to manage file sizes without losing quality.

Color Accuracy

Stick with CMYK for color accuracy in printing. Bright and neon colors might look cool on screen but can be tricky to print, so it’s best to avoid them.

Share Your Designs Across Social Media

Once you’ve nailed your designs, the next step is to get the word out and make some noise on social media. These savvy tools are here to supercharge your online presence, helping you extend your reach and showcase your latest creations. From creating killer graphics that highlight your new products to managing posts that keep your fans engaged, these apps make it easy to maintain a dynamic and attractive social feed. 

Whether you’re looking to simplify your content creation process or amp up your engagement, here’s a rundown of the top tools that can help you level up your social media game effortlessly.

Canva: Double Duty

Not only great for design, Canva also comes through for your social media needs—schedule posts, create stunning graphics, and manage your content all in one spot.

Lunacy: AI-Driven Design Freedom

Lunacy offers AI tools that help speed up the design process, plus tons of free resources like icons and photos—perfect for making your social feeds look professional with minimal effort.

Adobe Express: Quick Hits for Social Media

Adobe Express is your quick-fix tool for engaging social content. Whip up posts and videos in minutes with a suite of easy-to-use templates.

CapCut: Simplified Video Editing

CapCut is the hero for anyone who wants to edit videos without a fuss. It’s packed with cool features that make video editing straightforward and fun.

Splice: Mobile Video Editing Magic

Splice turns your smartphone into a mini editing suite, ideal for creating top-notch videos right from your phone. It’s user-friendly and perfect for boosting your video content game.


With these tools and tips, you’re all set to make your Spring store a standout success. It’s all about blending creativity with smart design practices to create products that not only catch the eye but also capture the market. So gear up, get creative, and start designing!