Protecting your digital products

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When it comes to regulating the usage and accessibility of your digital products, we’re taking the safety of your content extremely seriously. Keep reading to learn what we’re doing for your peace of mind selling digital products on Teespring and how we’re preventing resale, and distribution of your products, while ensuring your community is able to access your digital products easily and get the customer service they deserve.


Your digital product download protection 

Creators selling digital products online will often like to ensure the safety of their content. We’re giving you the option. Your community is made aware of our policy on our digital products answers page that any resale or distribution of digital products violates our terms and conditions and can lead to legal action. Creators selling digital products have two options: 


[su_spoiler title=”1. Unlimited downloads” open=”no” style=”default” icon=”chevron” anchor=”” class=””]You can choose to allow your community to have unlimited downloads of your product after purchase.[/su_spoiler]


[su_spoiler title=”2. Capped downloads” open=”no” style=”default” icon=”chevron” anchor=”” class=””]Alternatively, we’ve implemented a feature that prevents users from downloading your product on more than 5 occasions after receiving the link provided after purchasing your digital product. Users may need to download more than once for reasons such as: 

  • The ability to download digital products to several devices, or to download a digital product again after a device loss or damage.
  • Internet connection or other technical implications may mean users need to download your digital product on more than one occasion.[/su_spoiler]


Ensuring your digital product sales run smoothly

Once payment for your digital products are processed at checkout, buyers will receive a confirmation email as well as an additional digital download email. The digital download email will contain a link containing your digital product files they can download to start using them. Your fans are advised to allow five minutes for the email to arrive and to check their email spam/junk folder for their download link. If there are issues with this, are ready to help once they have received the name and email associated with the order as well as the URL of the digital product they purchased. For questions about our policies on digital products and more information on the side of your community, visit the digital products FAQ on the answers page.


We’re allowing more creators access to the Digital Launcher every week, so be sure to register your interest. In the meantime, begin by preparing your digital product to upload and start selling–begin by learning about launching your first digital product. 

If you’re already eligible, get started below.

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