In Insights by Saverio Montecalvo November 7, 2022

The Holidays are filled with excitement and anticipation. It’s also filled with lots of shopping. Having designs SPECIFICALLY for the Holidays is smart. Why?

1) It’s exciting and gets fans into the Holiday Spirit. 

2) It’s exclusive. Holiday designs are around for a limited time, creating that FOMO feeling. 

3) It’s different. People who shop this time of year are looking for something new. 

So there’s really no reason NOT to offer Holiday-inspired merch. Now, what to create? Spring has 3 Helpful Tips to ensure your Holiday products are poised for success. 

  1. Create Holiday-inspired clothing. Let’s get inspired by past winners. People love merch they can wear. So if you’re not selling clothing, now’s the time to start. Clothing items are consistently top sellers, especially when you feature fun and fanciful holiday designs. Here’s what sold well in 2021: 

Hoodies: The top seller is the Gildan 8 oz Heavy Blend Hoodie. This fabric is a mid-weight cotton and polyester blend. The hoodie is durable and soft to the touch. 

T-Shirts: A year-round favorite. Tees can be worn alone in warmer months and layered in cooler months. You’ll want something stylish, yet durable. Go for classics like Hanes Tagless Tee (people hate tags!), Next Level Tee (A premium quality T-Shirt that can be dressed up or dressed down), or for a high-quality T-Shirt that has a silky smooth feel, try the Premium Tee. 

Sweatshirts: Most people live in sweatshirts. We suggest a unisex style like the Hanes Unisex Crewneck Sweatshirt (Classic style that’s super comfy). 

  1. Use trendy color palettes. Here are some telling statistics:

93% of people believe that color/design is the #1 influencing factor in what they buy!

Within the first 90 seconds of seeing a product for the first time, we make a subconscious judgment. 90% of that judgment is made based on color alone! So how to apply color? 

Here are a couple color trends for this fall:

  1. Shades of Pink and PurpleRose (light pink) and Mauve (pale purple) are both named after flowers. These shades bring a lighthearted, youthful energy to designs, whether you go with a shade that’s bright or muted. Examples: 
  1. Neutrals – Earthtone shades work well on clothing and appeal to a broad consumer base. You can make designs stand out when including a bright pop of color (such as orange and yellow) or keep it chill. Examples:
  1. Shades of Blue – Blue consistently ranks as everyone’s favorite color, most likely due to its calming effect on the brain. But know what else is cool? Blue can work for a variety of Holiday designs, especially when tying in wintry themes. Examples:

Or if you want to push the boundaries, tie-dye is in right now:

  1. Offer stocking filler gifts! STOCKING STUFFERS are always popular and many shoppers buy more than one! Try out some of our new products, which are ideal stocking stuffers for holiday gifting:  
  1. Die-Cut Stickers – This means that the sticker is cut around the contour of your design. Unlike stickers in the standard shapes of a circle, square, or rectangle, die-cut stickers will be completely customized to the shape of your artwork. Any shape sticker you’re imagining is possible as a die cut. Example:
  1. Mugs – winter’s top accessory and a great canvas for your most popular designs.
  1. Tumblers – A tumbler is an insulated mug or cup you can take on the go. Another great way to keep your brand in their hands all day long!
  1. And of course, Phone Cases. Always in style, always needed.
  1. Nintendo Switch Case – perfect for young gamers
  1. Notebook – decorative organization tool for lifestyle & wellness buffs
  1. Must haves for your techie friends, like Apple watch strap 
  1. and iPhone mag case 

The earlier you get your designs done the earlier you can start promoting, especially for products that need to ship in time for the holidays…Capitalize on that Holiday excitement and start creating those holiday designs!

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