The Ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater Guide For 2023

In Creator success, Holiday Season by Danielle Pederson October 6, 2023

The popularity of ugly sweaters is skyrocketing, with people donning them at Christmas parties, office shindigs, family get-togethers, holiday parades, and more. They’ve even earned a special day on the calendar—National Ugly Sweater Day, every third Friday of December in the U.S.

And with one in three people snagging an ugly Christmas sweater each year, the demand is undeniable. That’s why it’s essential to add these festive fashion statements to your Spring store and ride this trend to success.

Keep reading to uncover the top-selling designs, the right products to use, and even get your hands on free ugly sweater templates. ‘Tis the season to cash in on the holiday spirit!

Designing your ugly sweater

The right ugly sweater design can be a sales bonanza, potentially bringing in thousands of purchases. Yet, as a creator with a devoted following, you’re not looking to churn out just another run-of-the-mill Christmas tree or snowflake sweater. Your goal is to infuse your brand identity into your design.

Here are some expert tips on crafting an ugly sweater that not only stays true to your brand vibe but also adds a generous dose of epic holiday flair:

On-Brand Theme:

Start by picking a theme that vibes with your brand’s style. Inject your brand’s values, messages, or symbols into the holiday theme to make sure your sweater screams “you.” Take a look at the example below.

Color Palette:

Stick to your brand’s color palette, but don’t shy away from tossing in some festive shades that complement your usual colors. This keeps your sweater on-brand while giving it that holiday pop. You can also add red, green, and blue to your product’s color options.

Use Irregular Patterns:

Ugly sweaters often feature irregular or asymmetrical patterns. Think about including geometric shapes, uneven lines, and random arrangements to achieve that chaotic charm. But even though the overall design may be wild and chaotic (it’s an ugly sweater, after all), make sure the patterns and symbols you use are consistent with your brand’s style. You want folks to instantly recognize your brand.

Playful Brand Messaging:

Inject some of your brand’s personality into the design with cheeky messages or clever wordplay. It’s a way to let your brand shine alongside the holiday theme.

Test It Out:

Before finalizing your masterpiece, post a few variations on social media and get feedback from your peeps. Getting their opinion on the best option will make them feel valued and excited for the launch, and at the same time, it will help you put out a design with the highest chance of success. 

For example, you can ask your followers if they’d wear an ugly sweater with their favorite hedgehog on it like in the image below! If you get positive responses, you’ll have a good chance of selling a lot!

What products to drop your designs on:

Traditionally speaking, ugly Christmas sweaters are sweatershirts with festive and chaotic designs, text, and coloring. But you don’t have to limit yourself to a single product. 

Christmas designs pop on a variety Spring products, and they’re just the boost you need to make this holiday season one for the books!

Check out our top-selling products below and decide which ones you want to drop your ugly sweater design on.


Hoodies sell 20% more between the months of October and Decemeber, so it’s a great product to put your ugly Christmas sweater design on! Check out Spring creator Mike Dice’s hoodie from last year!


Like hoodies, sweatshirts also see a 20% bump in sales during the holiday season. Spring offers print-all-over sweatshirts that you can use to create the typical ugly sweater look, as well as a more afforable, classic sweatshirt seen in the image below. 

Long sleeves

Long sleeves make the perfect canvas for your ugly sweater design – keeping your fans comfy without overheating them at a holiday bash!


Festive socks are a great alternative for those of us who want to join in on the holiday fun, but don’t want to feel like a walking billboard for Christmas. Add your creative designs to some socks to give your fans the opportunity to celebrate in a subtle, trendy way.


Beanies are a timeless holiday vibe. Beanies, along with our Pom-Pom Knit Caps, can rock a simple holiday design and make an excellent addition to your Spring store during the holiday season. 

Ugly sweater templates and design help options

For more design inspiration, hop over to our Holiday Design Inspo board on Pinterest. It’s a goldmine of fresh ideas to keep your creative juices flowing.

But if these design tips and product suggestions don’t quite kickstart your creativity, we’ve got your back! Explore ugly sweater templates on Kittl, where you can easily tweak them to match your brand and style with just a few clicks.

Also, Spring creators get 40% off an annual plan! Just use SPRING23 at checkout! So go to Kittl and check out the resources available to you.

And if time or energy is in short supply this holiday season, no worries. You can always hire a pro designer to craft your perfect ugly Christmas sweater. Check out for expert help! 

By accessing the link above, you pay a small fee (only $17) to get professionally designed, branded, eye-catching images, such as:

Now go create and launch your ugly sweater designs!

Every year, the holiday shopping frenzy starts earlier, with 57% of consumers commencing their gift-hunting even before Thanksgiving! 

So don’t let this golden sales opportunity slip by. Start crafting and releasing your ugly sweater designs early, so your fans can deck the halls in style and celebrate National Ugly Sweater Day in your creations! 🎄🎉