How to Use Samples to Boost Sales 300%

In Creator success, Holiday Season by Danielle Pederson October 26, 2023

Creating content with your merch is a game changer for boosting sales. 

Compared to just posting about your merch on social media, adding an image of you with your products can crank up your engagement by 650%

And if you go all out and drop videos of your merch, you can experience an impressive 1200% increase in shares.

Plus, your fans are eager to see what you’re all about. Sharing your merch adventures not only shows off their quality but also sparks major envy, making them want a piece of the action.

So order your samples now and then keep reading to learn the best ways to use them in content. 

Why order samples?

Spring creators who order samples and use them to create content experience a 300% increase in sales vs the products they did not order samples of.

Thousands of creators are using merch samples to generate engagement and hype around their personal brands. Sharing photos and videos with your merch is extremely engaging and one of the most effective ways to increase your sales. 

How To Order Samples:

  • Log into your Spring account and head to the Listings section of your Dashboard.
  • Click Order a sample next to the listing and choose products and colors to order.
  • Proceed to checkout.

For a more detailed step-by-step list, CLICK HERE.

How to use your samples in content

Now that you are ready to order samples to start promoting your new holiday merch, here are some tips on how to best use those samples and some key dates you’ll need to add to your calendar. Be sure to sync with our Holiday Countdown Calendar so you don’t miss important shipping cut off dates (plus, you can win fun prizes along the way!).

  • Create a NEW design. This probably goes without saying, but the key word is “new.” Even if you don’t want to do a holiday-themed design, shoppers will be attracted to a newly launched product. 
  • Order samples by October 10th. This is a rough date, but you’ll want your samples ordered by mid-October so you have time to produce your content, launch, and promote so your fans can buy in time for the holidays.
  • Show off a variety. Did you create a great-looking tee in a few different colors and styles? Maybe order a few. This not only shows you have variety, but it gives you more content to post and promote throughout the season.
  • Tease the new design in artwork. Waiting for your sample to arrive? Don’t delay your promo plans. Tease your new design in artwork you can post to socials and start driving traffic. Canva is a great design tool, with a robust free template library, that will help you design an eye-catching social post featuring your designs.
  • Do an unboxing video. Once you get your sample, don’t open it in silence. Film your reaction to receiving your product. Unboxing videos are not just for kids toys, they create anticipation and will give your fans a glimpse into how their product will arrive after they purchase.
  • Show how you wear/use your merch. When looking to buy products, it’s helpful to see how they will integrate into our lives. Designed a hoodie? Wear it out and about while you film your content. Designed a mug? Drink from it in your next Stories. Not only will you demonstrate how your product fits into everyday life, it might encourage buyers to post their own content using or wearing your product.
  • Run a promo code. As we’ve stated before, promo codes are the easiest way to create FOMO and entice people to buy NOW. Online shoppers are looking for deals. Be sure to offer one or several. They are easy to create in your Dashboard and you can turn them on or off depending on your deadlines.
  • Ask fans to post their merch. Maybe don’t wait for fans to post using your merch, encourage them to do so! Maybe run a contest on who can post the best video with your merch. Offer an incentive, maybe another discount. UGC (user generated content) is free advertising and re-posting fans with your merch will create FOMO and demonstrate that your merch is worth buying. 

Be sure to visit our Holiday Resource Hub where we have lots of comprehensive guides for designing merch and maximizing your holiday sales. And as always, Happy Selling!