Boosted Network FAQs

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Get your products in front of more fans with the Boosted Network. If you’ve opted in, we may feature your products in merch ads across Facebook, Instagram, and Google. 

What is the Boosted Network?

Over the years, the Boosted Network has evolved as we strive to become the no.1 destination for creator commerce. Recently, we’ve scaled back on featuring listings on marketplaces (such as Amazon, Wish and eBay) and focused on promoting listings through SEM and retargeting ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram. 

How can I add my products to the Boosted Network?

You can opt-in to feature your listings via your dashboard settings. The selection of Boosted Network content is based on an algorithm. In order to ensure your products are eligible, you should:

  1. Verify your payout settings 
  2. Get your first few sales.

Products with at least one sale are automatically prioritized for the Boosted Network.

How much profit can I make per sale?

It depends on the product. Please refer to the table below to see how much profit each item generates when sold through the Boosted Network. 

Please note: products with profit margin lower than the payout profit amount listed below will not be boosted. For example, a mug with a profit of $1 would not be eligible to be sold on the Boosted Network.

Can I sell digital products on the Boosted Network?

Yes, but please note only digital products with a selling price of $45 or higher are eligible to be sold through the Boosted Network. The profit for digital products sold through the Boosted Network is $40.

Can I opt out?

Yes, you can opt-out within your dashboard settings.

How do I see profits generated through Boosted Network?

Any products sold through the Boosted Network will be labeled as such. You can also see your total Boosted Network sales within the “Source of Units” section of your account analytics or within an individual listing’s analytics. 

Do Boosted Network sales count towards my monthly pricing discount?

Yes they do count towards your monthly sales count. Just keep in mind products sold through the Boosted Network will not receive the pricing discount.