Coming up with a design idea

In Creating a Design, Creator Resources, Design by Luiza Jordan December 11, 2020

From chefs, cartoonists and vloggers to scientists, influencers and photographers, Spring is for all creators. You don’t need to have design experience to create the perfect products for your community. Keep reading for our tips on how to get started.

You’re already a brand…

You have a community behind you, whether it’s a small following on TikTok, a handful of listeners of your podcast, or 500k subscribers on   YouTube. This is a great starting point—now all you need to do is understand what makes your online presence unique and translate that into your next design. If you have a logo already, then this is a great place to start. A logo design works well to unite your fans and is good to have available as a staple in your store.

Community-driven ideas

The most successful designs are inspired by great content, trends, slogans and inside jokes that resonate with your community. Do you have a catchphrase that your fans can’t get enough of? Was there a fan comment that really stood out? Think about the kind of content you share with your fans and what gets them talking. Think of moments or phrases you’ve shared with your community that are unique or memorable. Not only does involving fans in the design process make them more likely to support you, but it also builds hype prior to launch.

  • Catch phrases that resonate with fans.
  • Memorable channel slogans.
  • Run polls to get your communities feedback on ideas.
  • Have fans suggest ideas. Ask on a live stream for suggestions or feedback.
  • Dive into comments to see what fans are talking about.

Calendar events

Don’t forget to release products for calendar events like Halloween, Christmas and Valentines Day—you can get really creative around these moments and make them your own. (Sometimes these moments are just a good excuse to release a new collection at a time when fans are expecting to buy something new) See how Moriah Elizabeth took her most popular character, Pickle, and gave him a seasonal twist for Christmas, Halloween and Valentines Day.

Collab with other creators

If you’ve got the following but don’t have the creativity or vision (or you have tons of design ideas but are still building your community), consider collaborating with other types of creators from different industries. Share each other’s skills and values and work together. Not only does this enhance your opportunity to come up with an amazing design, it also means you can widen your fanbase through joint promotion.

Once you have an idea, it’s time to bring it to life.

See our range of design resources and tools to help you get started. We’ve also partnered with 99designs to provide you with an extra layer of design support. This service allows you to collaborate with world class designers to create custom, quality designs for your products. Find out more.