Custom domain FAQ’s

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Purchase a domain

Are there refund or release requirements?

Right now we’re not able to provide refunds for custom domains. However, you can choose to not renew the domain after one year.

Can domains be deleted?

Yes. Head to the store editor section of your dashboard and you’ll see the option to delete your domain.

Can purchased domains be moved to another Spring account?

Unfortunately not. Our platform can support only one account per creator. 

How can I move my domain from one store to another?

Please note: Having multiple stores isn’t supported for new Spring accounts. If you have a third party or existing domain, you’ll need to delete the domain and then reconnect it to the correct store. 

If you have a Spring hosted domain, our engineering team can help reassign the domain to the correct store. Just let us know which store you’d like it connected to.

Can creators fix the SSL certificate on their end?

Not at the moment.

My domain is redirecting visitors to my store URL and not staying on my new domain URL. How can I fix this? 

Are you using a third party domain?  If so, the DNS setting might be configured as a redirect. Make sure to configure yours correctly with A and CNAME records.

Can I purchase or connect international domains to my store on Spring, like

Not currently. That said,  we are open to domain extension requests. Send us a note via and let us know.

When will we get access to an email associated with our domain? 

Great suggestion. We’re actually exploring this for the future—stay tuned.

How do I create multiple stores in my Spring account?

Our platform only supports one store per Spring account. In the future, we’ll be creating more options for brand customization. For example, you’ll soon be able to create custom product collections within your store—allowing you to organize specific design themes, products, etc.

But what if I want more than one store—how do I do that? 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to add multiple stores to your account. You’re welcome to create multiple Spring accounts, but this could make things like filing taxes, etc. more difficult.

How do I verify my domain after purchasing one?

You should receive an email after purchasing your custom domain through Spring. Then, you’ll need to verify your contact information within two weeks of purchase. Check your spam box if you don’t get this email. And if you have issues verifying your contact information, contact 

Where do I find the A record type or DNS for the domain I purchased from a third party?

When you purchase a domain from a third party, your DNS and record types are managed within the third party’s dashboard.  

How do I add DNS info to Spring when I connect a domain?

It’s pretty simple. Check out these step-by-step instructions:

I selected ‘auto renewal’ when I purchased my domain, but now I changed my mind. How do I stop my domain from renewing?

No problem. Contact creator support by emailing

My connection status is successful—what’s next?

If you purchased your domain from Spring, it should start working within 24 hours (usually it’s ready in about 10 minutes). That said, you’ll need to verify the email address associated with your domain within two weeks. This is really important. You should receive a separate email to do this once you’ve purchased your domain. 

If you connected a domain you already own (like, you purchased through a third party site like, then your custom store domain should start working immediately.

My connection status is successful—what’s next?

We’ll remind you via email before it expires to check your payment method or set your domain to auto-renew via your dashboard. After your domain expires, there is a 40 day grace period to renew the domain. After the 40 days, the redemption price will be different than the original renewal price.

Please note: after your 40 days are up, there is no guarantee you’ll be able to reclaim your domain name (it will become available to others to purchase and claim).

I see ‘Status = Pending DNS validation’ – what does this mean?

If you’ve connected a domain purchased from a third party site (like, you’ll need to configure the DNS settings within your third party provider’s dashboard. Once you’ve configured those, head back to the store editor in your Spring dashboard and select ‘Verify connection.’ You should see a ‘Successful’ connection status within 24 hours.

I see ‘Status = Failed DNS validation’ – what does it mean?

First, follow the steps outlined in the question above.

Otherwise,  ‘Failed’ connection status is usually caused by one of two things:

1) The DNS settings weren’t configured correctly.

2) The third party provider hasn’t processed the setting changes yet.

Usually, #2 is the cause, so we recommend trying again in 30 minutes. If that doesn’t work, contact your third party provider and ask how long it takes for DNS setting changes to take effect.

I want to transfer the domain I purchased through Spring to use on another platform through another registrar. How does the auto renew process work? And where do I access DNS settings?

If you want to transfer your domain to another platform, you’ll need to wait 60 days for the holding period to pass before you can do so. If you want to transfer your domain to another registrar, then they are now responsible for auto renewing the domain. DNS is also controlled through the new platform.

Connect a domain

Can I connect subdomains?

Yes – creators can add subdomains to their account. For example, if your domain is, you can add a subdomain like or To add one, go to the store editor on your dashboard. Click ‘Add custom domain,’ then ‘I already own my domain.’ Now you can add a domain or subdomain by following the normal steps to connect a domain, as outlined here.

Is the cost of connecting a domain a one-time payment?

To keep your domain connected to your Spring store, you’ll need a recurring subscription that is renewed annually. You can edit your subscription preferences here.

Are there refund or release requirements?

 Right now we’re not able to provide refunds for connecting custom domains.

If I renew my domain purchased on a third-party website, will it stay connected to my Spring store?

Yes, as long as the DNS records aren’t changed.

Does SSL carry over from third-party platform if I purchased it there, and am now connecting through Spring?

SSL certificates are tied to specific domain names, which means you cannot transfer an SSL certificate you registered with one domain name to a server with  a different domain name. But don’t worry, when you pay to connect your domain with Spring, you’ll automatically be issued with a new SSL certificate.

 If the domain is purchased elsewhere and connected with Spring, what level of support do I get?

Once you’ve paid to connect your domain, our experience team can assist with DNS connection if you need it.

How do I disconnect my domain from my Spring store?

If you’ve purchased a domain from another platform and you wish to disconnect it, you can do so via your third-party platform.