Facebook promo guide

In Creator Resources, Platform Integrations by Luiza Jordan December 9, 2020

Facebook’s collection of commerce tools and content features make it a powerful platform for promoting your Spring store.

Create a business page

You should create a Facebook business page if you haven’t already. By setting up shop, you’ll be able to unlock more tools, analytical features and boost your brand’s discoverability. Once your page is live, you can update your ‘About’ section with links to your channel, store, social accounts and more. 

Your Facebook cover photo is a prime location to promote products and announce sales. @SimonsCat [5.1M subscribers] creates cover photos during the pre-order period of their limited edition products. Include a link within the caption of the photo, so fans can find your store. Choose ‘shop now’ as your page button and link to your store to create another pathway.

Set up your shop  

Creators who open a Facebook business page may also be eligible to utilize tools like Facebook shopping. While viewing your page, look to the left sidebar to see if you have the ‘shop’ tab. Click the tab, write a description for your shop and add your products one by one by pasting each listing URL. Once added, your community can click products and complete their purchase on Spring by going straight to the listing page on your store.

Publish posts

What to include in Facebook posts:

  • Always include a link to your listing or store when sharing your products 
  • Include visuals in your posts—whether it be a photo wearing your product, showcasing your digital product, a promo gif or video. 
  • We also recommend sharing the story behind your design and why it’s important to you and your community.
  • If you’re running a sale, it’s a good idea to call out the promo code and the sale end date in your post. 
  • Last, you’ll want to remind followers to share photos of their products once they receive their order so you can reshare them.

@ColeandMarmalade [1.29M subscribers] show off a variety of their holiday collection in this Facebook post by posing with their samples. 

@Mississippi_golden_gurls [324k followers] has posted a photo with several of their products. In the description, they’ve included their store link, and shared a promo code for a sale they’re running.

Tracking tips: 

  • Remember to use clean product and store URL’s when sharing online. Remove any additional tracking parameters like ?tsmac=store&tsmic=simonscat that might be added to the URL if you’re copying from the Spring website. 
  • To shorten the link or to track the number of clicks it generates, consider using a bitly link.

Going Live

Sharing video content via Facebook live is an incredible way to engage with fans. @Mississippi Golden Gurls [314K followers] reveals a new product in this live video to show fans personally, as well as engage with their community in real-time.

@Givling [67.7K followers] noticed a significant increase in engagement and sales when they announced new products and giveaways using Facebook Live.