How digital products work

In Creator Resources, Digital Products, Products by Eboni Bright January 5, 2021

How are my profits calculated for digital products?

You can add digital products to your Spring store for free. When you make a sale, a 20% processing fee and a $0.40 transaction fee will be applied. For example, if you’re selling Lightroom Presets for $10, you’ll earn $7.60 in profit for each sale ($10 – $2.40).  Remember, you’re in full control of your profit margins and can adjust the selling price at any time.

What should be the retail sale price (RSP) of my digital product? 

The selling price of your digital product depends on what you are selling. Wallpapers range between $2.99 and $9.99 and coloring pages or e-books between $5.99 and $12.99. Research examples of digital products that have been already launched and decide what price makes sense for your product. Also consider the time spent creating it and the value it offers to your community.

Why was my listing disabled?

All products for sale (including digital products) must comply with Spring’s Terms of Service, our Intellectual Property Policy, and our Acceptable Use Policy. Once you upload a digital product for sale, it could be taken down if it’s reported for violating our policies. Products may be removed for several reasons, for example:

  • it contains infringing content such as another brand’s trademarks or other intellectual property 
  • It contains prohibited content, such as nudity or offensive material
  • It does not match the listing description 

If you believe that your product was removed by mistake, please contact us at .  

What digital products should I sell?

You can create just about any digital product to sell to your community using Spring. Tailor your products to your audiences’ interests and needs. Think about the kind of content you share, your brand, and the value you can offer your fans through downloadable content. Check out this blog post for inspiration and tips for creating your first digital product.

Can I add digital products to my existing store?

Creators can add digital product listings on their current stores. Digital products exist in the same place as physical products.

Can I sell music or audio files?

In order to sell music or other audio files, you must own the rights to that content or have a license to distribute it. If you’re already working with a distributor, they may require that all digital distribution be done through them. Please carefully review your content and be sure that you comply with the terms of agreement with your distributor when selling audio files on Spring. Spring is not responsible for violations of intellectual property rights or breach of any agreements you may have with third parties, and all liability for such breach will fall on you. 

Check out our guide to digital products for more info and click the button below to start creating.