Instagram promo guide

In Creator Resources, Platform Integrations by Luiza Jordan December 9, 2020

Instagram is a powerful promotional channel for creators. Use its visual based content to let your products shine. Check out our promotional tips below to ensure you’re using all available features and tools to maximize your sales.

Add the Linktree Integration

Linktree is a great way to make your Spring store easily discoverable within your Instagram profile. Embed your Spring store directly within your Linktree—driving more traffic and increased sales. The Linktree Integration is available to all creators. Get started below.

The Spring x Instagram Shopping Integration 

By setting up an Instagram Shop with Spring, you’ll be able to promote your products by tagging them in your Instagram posts, stories, reels, and more. Your fans can browse and purchase straight from your profile. You’ll be able to track insights and habits to better understand your business. And that’s just a few of the benefits. Instagram is rolling out access constantly, so check your eligibility below. 

Use stories and highlights

Instagram stories allow you to share key moments and in-feed posts instantly, lasting 24 hours. Use your stories to create direct call-to-actions, like “shop now” and send followers straight to your store.  All Instagram creators have the ability to add “link stickers” to their stories—allowing you to send fans straight to your product listings.

Use Unfold or Canva to create imagery using flawless Instagram story templates. Simply upload photos and videos to the app and customize them using Unfold’s features.

If you’d like stories promoting your products to last longer than 24 hours, add them to your ‘highlights’ so they’re always visible on your Instagram profile. Customize highlights to follow a specific aesthetic. Many creators feature stories showing off products or fan selfies who purchased and shared images on Instagram.

Use swipe up/IGTV

This feature on Instagram stories allows creators to add their website or product link to a story. Fans can ‘swipe up’ on the post to visit the link you’ve added.  You need 10,000 followers or more to unlock this feature on Instagram. 

If you haven’t got access yet, you can utilize IGTV to replicate the swipe up feature. It allows for longer videos to be posted (between 15 seconds and 10 minutes). Use IGTV instead of the swipe up feature by uploading your video and adding your preferred link into the caption of the IGTV post. Unlike Instagram stories, IGTV videos are permanent and will stay on your profile. Let followers know to click on the title at the top of the video to go to your store or listing URL. 

Re share fans content

Fans sharing photos of themselves with your products is a great promotional tool and affirms the quality of your products. Ask fans to use personalized hashtags or tag your Instagram handle in their posts so you can easily keep track.

In this example, @ALLISON [158k subscribers] features a fan wearing her product and incorporates it into the Instagram feed of her brand, Magic Dwells Here.

Share posts consistently

The best promotional posts follow the same theme of your existing content. It’s important to avoid sharing posts that feel like advertisements. Feature photos or videos of you showing samples of your products, present your digital products with text overlays, or give details within the caption. Post temporary promotional images on your Instagram Stories. Use apps such as Canva  or Placeit to create professional, visually engaging assets for your posts and Instagram stories.