My listing was deactivated or my account was disabled

In Creator Resources, Design, Protecting Designs by Luiza Jordan December 9, 2020

If your Spring listing was deactivated, it may have violated one or more of our policies, including our Terms of Service, Intellectual Property Policy, or Acceptable Use policies. You can find Spring’s policies here:

Your listing may have been disabled if it included one or more of the following: 

  • A trademark or logo that belongs to someone else;
  • Proper names, logos, or other intellectual property belonging to a professional or collegiate sports team;
  • Lyrics, artwork, names, and/or designs related to any musical act;
  • The name or likeness of any celebrity or fictional character;
  • Any content from a television show or a movie (characters, places, artwork etc);
  • Someone else’s design or other copyrighted work; 
  • The name or logo associated with branches of the United States Military or the military of another country; 
  • Content that advocates hate, violence or harassment; or
  • Content that is misleading or constitutes false advertising.

If you’re not sure why your listing was removed, you are welcome to write to us at Please check all your remaining listings to ensure your other content is not in violation of our policies. Repeated violations of our policies may result in termination of your account. 

What happens to my listing now?

If a listing is disabled due to policy violations and you relaunch a listing with the same content, your account may be terminated under our repeat infringer policy.

My listing was deactivated and I don’t think it violates any of the reasons above.

If you believe your listing was deactivated in error, please see “Who can I contact to learn more about why my account was disabled / listing was deactivated?” below. 

What happens if more than one of my listings was deactivated?

If you have had multiple listings deactivated, you may be in violation of our repeat infringer policy. Multiple violations of our policies can result in account termination.

What happens if my account is disabled?

Once your account is disabled, you are unable to login to your account and access any of your listings. Any disabled accounts will immediately lose access to pending funds or payouts within their Spring account. 

The only way to access pending funds is to successfully get your Spring account reinstated through Creator Support. 

Who can I contact to learn more about why my account was disabled / listing was deactivated?

Questions regarding listings or account disablement should go to our team at This includes:

  • Inquiring as to why a listing was deactivated
  • Inquiring as to why an account was disabled
  • Requesting an account/listing be re-enabled

When contacting our team, please include your Spring account email and the listing URL (if you’re contacting us about a deactivated listing). Please note, we aim to review and answer all emails within 1-2 business days, however, response times may take longer during peak and holiday seasons. When your email is successfully sent, you will receive an auto-reply email.

What happens if I own the rights or have permission to use a particular trademark or copyright?

If your listing was deactivated and you received a copy of the third-party complaint in the email notification, please file a counter-notice here.

If your listing was deactivated and you did not receive a copy of any third party complaint in the email, but you believe you are authorized to use the content in question, please email and provide us with documentation or the reason for your authorization.

If you have permission to use registered works, you may notify our team by contacting before using your design. Please include proof of permission and your Spring account email.