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If you’re ready for your first payout, congratulations, that’s some serious hustle. Collecting your earnings is an awesome feeling, so revel in your success. Here’s what you need to know about requesting payouts with Spring:  

  • As of 11/1, Payout requests are processed once a month. Payouts must be requested by the 21st of the month in order to be included with the payouts processed at the end of that month.
  • Creators can request a payout within 24 – 48 hours of a listing’s print cycle ending.
  • We recommend only requesting a payout once a week—it’s best to group your payouts and request more funds at one time.

Payment methods

Make sure your PayPal/Payoneer account is completely set up and verified before you begin collecting your hard-earned profit. If you notice a delay in a PayPal payout from Spring, please check your PayPal account for messaging regarding a “Receiving Limit“. You might need to provide additional account information to PayPal once you hit a certain payout amount. The receiving limit can be different for different countries, please contact PayPal directly if you have questions about this. 

  • Once processed, payouts should be received within 24 – 48 hours.

Payout Support

Once requested, if you do not receive an email from Spring within 10 days confirming your payout has been processed, please reach out to Also contact us here if you need to cancel a payout (ex: “Oops. Made a typo in my Paypal email”). Remember, you will need to verify your payout method (within your dashboard account settings) before you can request a payout.