Production and printing methods

In Creator Resources, Physical Products, Products by Luiza Jordan December 9, 2020

Spring offers direct to garment printing (also known as DTG) and screen printing. Both processes offer high quality results and our system automatically determines which technique is used based on each order  (product type, quantity, number of colors, etc).

Screen printing

Spring offers the screen printing process when certain product types and order quantities meet the need. Screen printing is a great alternative to DTG for high quantity orders and products with higher polyester blends. We use a screen printing press, an aluminum framed screen mesh stencil, squeegee and ink as the tools for the process. Our production artists arrange for a screen stencil to be made for each color in your artwork. The production team then sets up the printing press by registering each color. The press operator will imprint each color onto your selected garment and send down the dryer for the ink to be cured. The quality of screen printing is second to none, and a screen print lasts as long as the garment itself.

Direct to garment printing (DTG)

Spring has invested in world leading digital textile printing equipment. Direct to garment (DTG) printing is our primary method of custom apparel printing. This cutting edge technology allows us to provide creators with outstanding prints, even if it is for a one-off piece. DTG printers hold the garment in a fixed position while inks are sprayed directly onto the textile by a printhead. The ink is then cured using efficient dryer technology. This type of printing allows for vivid artwork and endless color combinations. The inks used are environmentally friendly, non hazardous, and toxin free.


Spring guarantees optimal quality from both types of printing. All designs uploaded to our website undergo a thorough and rigorous art analysis before the printing process starts. We take ultimate care and responsibility to make sure we create your products sustainably. Constantly streamlining and reviewing our quality control process at every stage, we ensure all creators can be confident in their printed products and distribute merch to fans they can be proud of.