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Reward fans and increase product sales by running a promotion. You can instantly create different types of promo codes and offer discounts for a limited time all within your Spring dashboard. 

Preparing a promo code

Go to the Dashboard, Tools and services, and then select the “Promotions” section.

  • Name your promo code and select your promotion type (i.e. free shipping, specific amount such as $5, or a percentage amount like 15%).
  • Set the expiration date or leave it as ‘never’ so the promotion is always available until you switch it off. You can make the discount active or disable it by switching the status to on or off.
  • When someone uses your promo code you’ll be able to see it within your listing’s analytics. The discount amount applied to the order will also be visible under ‘Costs’.
  • If a promo code is not working, it’s likely because the product in the cart does not have enough profit margin for the discount to be applied—you can update the product’s price within the listings section of your account. 

Ensure all your products have enough profit margin to support the discount you create. If your fans apply your promo code at checkout and it fails, this likely means one of your products doesn’t have enough profit margin to support the discount. You can edit your product pricing by heading to the Listings section of the dashboard.

Sharing your promo code on social media

To get your fans applying your promo code at checkout, you’ll need to announce your sale on social media. Find a few tips below and use our design resources to find free online tools, making it easy to create effective imagery for socials.

  • Use images of your samples or find a Instagram story template on Canva. Include your promo code.
  • Make eye-catching posts on your Instagram feed, Twitter, Facebook announcing your sale, explaining your products, and include details of where to enter the promo code.
  • Get fans excited by including your products in your video content on YouTube. Feature them below your content using the YouTube Integration.
  • Discuss your sale during your livestream and provide the link in an overlay on Twitch taking users to your store.

Learn more below.

Redeeming promo codes

The most popular way for fans to redeem your promotion is by entering the promo code at checkout to apply your discount.