Selling on Linktree

Selling on Linktree allows fans to browse your top products or head to your full Spring store—seamless shopping for them and tons of new traffic for you. Start selling across all your social media platforms below in 3 simple steps.

Sell on Linktree with Spring

How to start selling on Linktree

The Spring x Linktree integration enables your fans to browse featured products, click-to-purchase, or visit your store—all without leaving your Linktree. Follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Set up a Linktree account (if you haven’t already). 
  2. Head to the Linktree tab in your dashboard, then hit “Add this to my Linktree”.
  3. Click “Show me more,” then select “Show my shop on Linktree” 

Your embedded Linktree shop will display the first six products in your Spring store. If you want to show different products, then “star” them in the stores tab of your dashboard. Now they’ll appear at the top. 

Set up? Next, learn more about Linktree’s 30+ integrations with third-party apps and Link Apps, meaning fans are able to to watch, listen, shop and more. Newly added apps like Typeform, Reddit, and Gleam will come in useful for selling more on Spring. Learn more here, then checkout other Spring integrations to promote on all your social media channels.