Selling purchased designs online

In Creating a Design, Creator Resources, Design by Eboni Bright December 9, 2020

You can sell designs you buy online, provided you have permission from the intellectual property owner. For example, you may hire a designer to create something for you or you may have a license to use a particular design. Please be aware, however, that there are many different types of licenses. In addition, each platform likely has its own policies and terms, which you should read carefully. 

Spring is not able to offer legal advice. If you’re not sure whether your content infringes on someone’s intellectual property, you can contact the intellectual property owner or consult an attorney. If Spring receives proper notice of intellectual property infringement, we will comply with our policies and remove the infringing material. 


1) If my design is removed for copyright infringement, would I just send the IP team my licenses to get reinstated?

If you believe your listings have been removed in error, you can submit a counterclaim or write to us at Correct. However, if you or the claimant (or both) have an exclusive license, then it is possible that only one of you is entitled to use the licensed design. In such instances, Spring will typically allow you both to sell the design on Spring and it will be up to you to work out any such dispute amongst yourselves (and with the original designer).

2) Can the original designer file an IP claim on Spring?

Yes, it’s possible that the original designer you purchased your license from could file an IP claim on Spring. We intend on responding to this as we would with any other IP claim.

3) Someone copied my original artwork that I used in conjunction with purchased design elements. Can I file an IP claim?

Correct, if you’ve substantially modified the purchased design and someone copies it pixel for pixel, you can make an IP claim and we will look into this for you.

Remember, there are lots of free and affordable tools out there if you prefer to create your own designs. Many don’t require design experience.  😉