Promoting products with fan content

In Creator Resources, Platform Integrations by Luiza Jordan January 22, 2021

Sharing photos of excited fans wearing or showing off your products affirms the quality of the products you’re selling and increases interest. This is an effective way to increase product sales and make your fans feel special.

Collecting content

There are several ways your community can share their photos and videos with you.  

  • Ask fans to tag you in their photos on social media in your YouTube videos, Instagram stories, or social posts, etc
  • Ask fans to use a specific hashtag when posting photos with your products on social media.  

Check out the clip below to see how YouTuber @JessicaKellgren-Fozard [637K subscribers] asks her community to use the hashtag #LovelyPeopleMerch on Twitter and Instagram when their orders arrive. 

Other engaging ways to collect valuable content:

  • Offer prizes for people who submit their photos. Host a selfie contest and ask fans to submit their photos. Whichever photo has the most likes/votes wins a giveaway.
  • Feature a “follower of the month” (fan of the week, etc.) on your social accounts. Ask people to submit photos and choose one to feature each week—add a link in the post to the product they’re wearing in case other followers want to purchase it too.  
  • Ask subscribers to send in photos of their new purchases in your stream. Highlight supporters who send photos on stream and thank them.

@JessicaKellgren-Fozard [637K subscribers] engages with followers who’ve shared their selfies with Jessica’s custom hashtag on Twitter.