SpringMark FAQs

In Uncategorized by Luiza Jordan December 6, 2021

What is SpringMark?

SpringMark is a monthly subscription service that helps identify potentially unauthorized use of your designs online using design detection technology. This service scans all the active listings in your store. Learn more here.

How do I get access to SpringMark? 

SpringMark is in beta stages—so we’ll be rolling out access to all creators in coming weeks. You can submit your interest here. 

How does SpringMark work? 

Once you’ve purchased a SpringMark subscription, you will receive SpringMark reports of potential infringements via email.

  • We’ll scan 34 popular marketplaces every 3 days. If potentially copied designs are detected, we’ll send real time email alerts notifying you. We’ll provide quick links so you’re able to take action.
  • If no design use is detected, your weekly report will confirm no content was identified within the 7 day period.

Does my subscription auto-renew?

Yes, your subscription will automatically renew each month using the default payment method provided. You can cancel SpringMark at any time within the Subscriptions section of the ‘My purchases’ tab of your Spring account.

How do I cancel my subscription? 

You can cancel SpringMark at any time within the Subscriptions section of the ‘My purchases’ tab of your Spring account.

Can I use account profits to pay for a SpringMark subscription?

No, we currently only accept credit / debit card payments on subscriptions.

What happens once I’m alerted about a potential copycat design online?

If your content is identified on a third-party marketplace in a SpringMark email report, first, review the copycat listing and verify the infringement. Now, use quick links provided in the email to file a report with the third-party marketplace or email the marketplace’s support contact to demand removal of the listing.

Is there a refund policy? 

We are not able to provide refunds on this service. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Where can I view all of my SpringMark reports?

All your weekly SpringMark reports and real-time alerts will be sent to you via email. We recommend adding springmark@spri.ng as a contact to make sure you receive them all and none get lost in junk or spam folders. Note: As we continue to improve the SpringMark service, we have plans to add your reports to your Spring dashboard.

What happens if I report the unauthorized design to the other platform and it doesn’t get taken down, or reappears? 

Spring recommends that you continue to contact the marketplace, and seek legal advice if the platform does not comply.