Twitch extension FAQs

In Creator Resources, Platform Integrations, Twitch by Luiza Jordan February 4, 2021

Use the Twitch merch store extension to showcase and sell custom products while you stream. The extension features integrated checkout, so fans can purchase merch without having to leave your stream. Plus, enable in-stream purchase alerts and create subscriber-exclusive products to engage and reward your community.  


  • No minimum orders required. Create and sell products with no upfront cost or risk.
  • The ability to customize the display products featured in the panel.
  • Whenever you launch new products with Spring, they’ll appear in your panel in under 15 minutes.
  • Sell your products to fans globally—the panel is visible to all viewers and products can be shipped worldwide.    
  • Avoid the hassle of order fulfillment or customer support. Spring handles it all for you.
  • Create and sell exclusive products only your loyal subscribers can access.


Chat and OBS Alerts

  • Purchases from fans automatically trigger Twitch chat alerts featuring a direct link to the product purchased so other fans can see and replicate.
  • Set up OBS alerts through Streamlabs for prominent overlay celebrations that will excite fans and encourage additional purchases.

Integrated browsing and checkout

  • With a dynamic browsing experience directly on your stream page, fans will never have to leave your stream to purchase your products.
  • Integrated checkout on Twitch increases conversion and creates a cohesive experience for fans from browsing, to check out, to celebration with alerts.

Personalized merch alerts

  • Fans can create personalized messages post-purchase that are visible to you and all viewers on-stream. Check out this video to learn how to set them up. 
  • Streamers who enable merch alerts are increasing their merch sales by an average of 32%.
  • Spring’s live merch alerts are available on every streaming platform integrated with Streamlabs—including YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Facebook Gaming, and many more.

Subscriber exclusive products

  • Streamers can reward and engage loyal channel subscribers and recruit new ones by offering access to exclusive products.
  • Spring Merch Store is the only Twitch extension where users can create and sell subscriber-exclusive merch in combination with integrated checkout and built in OBS and chat alerts.

How to set up your merch store

  1. From your creator dashboard on Twitch, click the tab labelled ‘extensions’. Search ‘Spring’ or follow this direct link to the extension details:
  2. Click ‘install’ then ‘configure’ to move onto the next step in completing the connection.
  3. Click ‘Get Started’ to be taken to the Spring login/signup page. Log in with your existing Spring account or create a new one.
  4. A successful login will display a 7 digit Store ID number. Return to Twitch then copy and paste this number into your extensions configuration panel and click connect. Important, if you haven’t created any products yet head over to Spring and click ‘start designing’ to create merch.
  5. From the ‘My extensions’ section of your creator dashboard click ‘Activate’ on the Spring merch extension to display the panel on your channel.
  6. Head back to your channel page and do a hard refresh of the page to ensure the panel has cleared your cache. You can configure the order of your panels (putting products up top increases conversions). Please note, new products can take up to 15 mins to populate on Twitch from your Spring store.

How to create sub-exclusive merch (premium)

  1. Once you’ve connected your Twitch account to Spring, open your Spring account and navigate to the ‘listings’ section of your dashboard.
  2. Click the ‘settings’ icon of the listing you want to edit.
  3. Toggle the ‘Make this listing premium’ to ‘on’.
  4. Go back to the listings section of your account and you should see the ‘premium’ tag visible on your listing. 
  5. Now everyone will be required to verify they’re a subscriber to your Twitch channel before they can purchase products from this listing. If they’re not a subscriber they’ll be prompted to subscribe in order to unlock your sub-exclusive products.

Further FAQs

Where can I find my Spring store ID?

In the integrations tab of your Spring dashboard under the tab on the left labeled ‘Twitch’.

Does the Twitch integration cost anything to use?

No, there are no additional costs  when selling via Twitch Panel.

Why aren’t my OBS alerts aren’t working?

OBS alerts need to be enabled through the Streamlabs in the Integrations tab of your Spring dashboard. Learn more about connected your Spring and Streamlabs accounts here.  

Can I change the display order of my products on the extension?

Yes, visit the integrations tab of your Spring dashboard to make changes to your product display.

I’ve activated the extension but I don’t see it on my stream page or my phone, what do I do?

First try a hard refresh (CMD+Shift+R) on your browser to clear your cache. If this doesn’t work please contact Spring’s Creator Experience Team for assistance via The Merch Store extension is only visible on desktop right now but is coming soon to mobile.