YouTube integration FAQs

In Creator Resources, Platform Integrations, YouTube by Luiza Jordan February 4, 2021

Spring’s integration into YouTube Shopping allows eligible creators to showcase their Spring products on YouTube. Fans can browse and buy your products across these surfaces on YouTube:

  • Your channel’s store
  • Product shelf below or next to your videos and live streams
  • Shopping button in your videos, Shorts, and live streams
  • As a pinned product in live streams

In YouTube Studio, you can organize your products to display across these surfaces. 

What are the Youtube Shopping features I can use via Spring’s integration? 

YouTube Product Shelf – The product shelf helps you keep your products visible to fans in your videos without needing to include a link to your Spring store in the video description.

YouTube Channel’s Store – The YouTube store lets you display all your products on your YouTube channel, making it easy for your fans to discover them.

1p Tagging features – With the 1P tagging feature, you can display specific products alongside your video and YouTube Shorts. This allows your fans to discover new products and enjoy an interactive shopping experience.

Live Shopping – With the YouTube Live Shopping feature, you can showcase specific products during your live stream videos, creating enhanced interactions with your fans and providing them with a fun shopping experience.

What are the Youtube integration eligibility requirements?

Creators must have a Youtube channel approved for monetization and at least 500 channel subscribers. More details about Youtube Shopping Eligibility can be found here
Once access is granted, YouTube will notify you. You must also be a part of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), as well as meet additional criteria which are listed on the YouTube help center. If you need further assistance on this topic, please contact YouTube support.

How do I integrate my Spring account with Youtube?

You can find the steps to integrate here.

Do I need to include links in my video descriptions

By tagging products in your video, viewers based in these locations will always be able to see and purchase your products. However, we recommend you also add links to your Spring’s store in the video’s description and in the “About” section of your Youtube channel. 

How many products are displayed on the product shelf and Store tab?

You can tag and rearrange up to 30 items for individual videos or Shorts to trigger a more customized shopping experience for your audience. You can also choose to tag and rearrange up to 30 items for a live stream.

Can I customize the order in which my products are displayed on my Youtube channel? 

The display order for your products is optimized for engagement and automated based on various factors, such as price, popularity, and availability. You can select the products to display in a certain order for your entire channel and store. You can select the order of products for your entire channel in the Earn Tab of your YouTube Studio. You can also select specific products to be tied to individual videos in the monetization settings of your videos. 

You can find the steps to manage your products here.

Can I tag my Spring products in my YouTube videos? 

Yes. YouTube Shopping features make it easy for eligible creators in the YouTube Partner Program to tag your products in videos, Shorts, and live streams

You can find the steps to tag your products in videos and live streams here

What data does Spring share with YouTube?

We share data about your Spring account, including the number of purchases, number of page visits, retail price of items sold, total revenue and profit, and canceled orders. We do not share any personally identifiable information with YouTube.

Why is my product available on Spring, but not on my Youtube channel

Products featured on Youtube must comply with YouTube’s Community Guidelines. If your design is listed on your Spring store but not on your Youtube channel it may have been removed due to content concerns. If you recently uploaded the design to your Spring store, it can take 2-3 business days to show up on YouTube. If you are having trouble getting new products to show, please contact

Do you have any tips that will help me sell more?

Of course, make sure you build hype before launching your YouTube store to build excitement. When you launch your new products collection, make sure you’re wearing one of the products, this shows your pride in your products and encourages purchases.