Unlock sales in 2022 with fresh digital products

In Digital by Accounts Amaze January 12, 2022

Get fans back to your store in 2022 with digital products—here’s some ideas to get you going.

Use the popular digital products below to springboard your success in 2022, and take advantage of the free templates—you’ll be off to a flying start. 

Get organized

All creators have one thing in common—the need to keep organized. Content creation and community engagement is demanding while balancing everyday life, so why not share your secrets to productivity with your fans? We’re talking 2022 planners, to-do lists, meal planners, daily organizers, etc. You could launch a complete pack of planning resources for fans to use. 

Head to Canva to create your own collection. You can get access to 1000’s of free templates, just add your creative touch. 

Level up skills 

For creators who are niche content or are a pro in something special—this year, give your fans exclusive, inside knowledge. Think about your strengths, then create a digital product so fans can learn them too.

For example, @gozitv helps fans to stretch by presenting 4 different techniques to loosen up. New Barns Languages teaches their fans the basics of the Japanese language. Collect the content you have already and build a guide on Canva for free. 

Try something new

For bloggers, vloggers, or any creator who documents their experiences: Lots of fans will make up for  lost time when it comes to exploring new places in 2022. @paddydoyleofficial has launched a series of e-books that follow his favorite places in Thailand as he discovers them. YouTubers Alex and Amy (KiteVanMan) have launched e-book guides on how to earn while travelling, as well as how to convert a van into a home on wheels. 

Encouraging self care

Self care—an important topic for creators and fans alike. There’s a range of different digital products you can launch to aid your fan’s wellness journey; journals, e-book guides, audio files, and more. All Day I Eat Like a Shark (brilliant) is making Veganuary easier with Japanese plant based recipes, Emma Mcadam offers a Mental health check-in journal, and Sapien Medicine is offering meditation audio files. 

Head to the free templates linked above to build a guide or e-book, or learn more about creating audio files below.