The record breaking Instagram drop: How MMG hit $600k in 60 days

Harnessing the power of the Spring x Instagram integration, Matt Meagher sold close to 11,000 hoodies totaling $600,000 in sales. Here’s how he did it.  

It all started with an accidental tweet. While adding his new, Spring hoodie to his Shop on Instagram, Matt mistakenly published a tweet linking to the product in his Spring store. He immediately deleted it, but within 24 hours had generated 187 orders. Energized by the reaction of his fans, he quickly added the product to his Shop on Instagram, tagged it in a post, and sold over 739 ($40,000 worth of hoodies) in just 24 hours.  

Motivated by the success of his first launch, he decided to leverage the full suite of tools available through Shops on Instagram to supercharge his sales… generating a total of $600,000 and 10,855 purchases in just 2 drops. 

Matt’s next launch featured the same product, but this time he offered two color options and came prepared with a solid content plan; using integration features like product tags, a scheduled launch, and promoted on Instagram live. These tools enabled him to smash his original sales record by more than 110%—his sales totaled $116,000 in the first 24 hours.

Clearly, leveraging the full power of the Spring x Instagram integration works.

Scheduling a product launch through his shop caused 8,000 fans to set reminders and catch the moment. Hyping up the hoodie on Instagram Live allowed Matt to connect directly with fans, show off the new hoodie, and pin a clickable product tag to his Live in real time. Live Shopping features meant fans got shouted out in-chat every time a hoodie was purchased.

Matt used all these features in perfect succession; product tagging, a scheduled live drop, and going Live on Instagram—see it in action below.

Fans dialed into both product drops by reposting his content, as well as showing off their new hoodies in their own posts. Matt reshared them all—encouraging more engagement, and even more sales coming through his Shop on Instagram.

This is an incredible example of just one creator harnessing the power of the Spring x Instagram Integration. Matt has set the highest record of Spring sales through selling on Instagram, but this is only the beginning. Get inspired by the full journey below and learn more about the integration.