Amaze’s year-end celebration: A toast to our creator’s successes!

In Creator success, Insights, News by Danielle Pederson December 29, 2023

This year marked a period of major growth and transformation, not only for Amaze but for the remarkable creators we’ve teamed up with. From expanding our product catalog to witnessing powerful creator success stories, we’ve seen how Amaze isn’t just a collection of platforms – it’s a powerhouse for monetization and brand development in the creator community.

As we flip the script to 2024, let’s look back on the key milestones, the success stories, and the remarkable developments that made 2023 a memorable year.

New partnerships to enhance earnings

In our continuous effort to facilitate increased revenue for creators, this year, we intensified our efforts to streamline the process of selling merchandise through our Spring by Amaze platform. We are proud to announce some strategic collaborations that have contributed significantly to this goal.

Spring x TikTok

Our partnership with TikTok has transformed creators’ videos into profitable ventures. With this integration, showcasing Spring merchandise seamlessly on TikTok profiles, videos, and livestreams has become more effective, turning each account into a lucrative storefront. More information on this integration can be found  here. + Spring

We have also collaborated with, further expanding earning opportunities. Creators can now integrate their Spring Store URL into their Beacons link in bio, providing direct access for fans to shop Spring merchandise. This feature is available for free here

Highlighting creator achievements 

Amaze has played a pivotal role in the lives of millions of creators, significantly boosting their income through simple yet effective product launches and promotions. We are continually inspired and honored by the numerous success stories shared with us throughout the year.

We value our incredible creators immensely, and while there are countless success stories to share, here are a few highlights from 2023.

Jimmy and Clarence

The social media sensation Jimmy and his black labrador, Clarence, have experienced major wins this year. Their successful Black Friday sales challenge resulted in over 1,000 units from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, thanks in part to a highly engaging video. View Jimmy and Clarence’s Video here

Danae Hays

Danae Hays achieved remarkable success with her merchandise launch in November, selling over 125 units within the first 48 hours. She used her content to drive a merch strategy that her fans were excited to see and purchase. Explore Danae’s Instagram Post for more insight.

Alex Kidd

Alex’s journey is a remarkable tale of resilience and the strength of community. Battling multiple cancer diagnoses since May 2022, Alex made the decision to relaunch an old design to fund his treatment and support his family’s needs in these tough times. The overwhelming sales he’s experienced since his relaunch this month are not just transactions but a powerful demonstration of communal support and the kindness inherent in humanity.

These stories provide just a snapshot of how Amaze unlocks new revenue opportunities for creators, aiding them in establishing and expanding their brands. Through these experiences, we see time and time again that Amaze is more than a platform; it’s a catalyst for entrepreneurial growth and personal success.

A year of transformation

In 2023, we significantly upgraded our Spring by Amaze platform to focus on simplifying sales and enhancing creator success for our expansive community of over 11 million creators. 

A key strategy in achieving this was through the improvement of our social integrations. Creators utilizing Spring’s social tools have experienced a substantial increase in sales, being 11 times more likely to close a sale and tripling their earnings compared to those not using these features.

Key Social Integration Enhancements:

  • Introduction of TikTok and Beacons integrations for streamlined in-app selling.
  • Enhanced YouTube integration to tag Spring products in videos, shorts, and live streams.
  • For Twitch users, a revamped Twitch integration launching in January will provide an interactive shopping experience directly from channels.

Further Developments:

  • Improved order fulfillment efficiency and reliability.
  • Expansion of our reach with new fulfillment centers in Mexico.
  • Launch of “Custom Collections” for better product categorization.
  • Simplification of custom product request processes.
  • Modernization of our Subscriptions page.

Review of top-selling products

In 2023, several products stood out in popularity and sales. We recommend considering these for your 2024 lineup to enhance sales potential:

  1. Classic Crew Neck Comfortsoft T-Shirt 
  2. Premium Ring-Spun Cotton T-Shirt 
  3. Classic Pullover Hoodie 
  4. Comfort Tee 
  5. Die Cut Sticker 
  6. Premium Pullover Hoodie
  7. Mug
  8. Classic Crewneck Sweatshirt
  9. Classic Long Sleeve Tee
  10. Triblend Tee

Additional product milestones:

  • Introduction of 29 new products, incorporating innovative printing methods like Digisoft and Embroidery.
  • Adjustments in EU catalog pricing, reducing base costs and retail prices while maintaining creator margins.
  • Diversification of production partners for a more reliable supply chain, particularly for stickers, posters, home products, and more.

Looking ahead to 2024

This year has been unforgettable. We’re in awe of how many lives have been changed by being able to easily monetize their content. We are profoundly grateful to have played a role in the journey of so many creators, contributing to their growth and the diversification of their revenue sources.

As we turn our sights to 2024, our dedication to empowering creators reaches new heights. Anticipate a range of exciting new products, impactful partnerships, enhanced integrations, and a host of other innovations.

Stay tuned as we step into a year brimming with opportunities, pioneering developments, and breakthrough features. Here’s to a year of prosperity and joy – Happy New Year!