New Year, New You: Refresh Your Top Hits for a Profitable 2024

In Creator success by Danielle Pederson January 11, 2024

And just like that…2024 has begun! Let’s make it a profitable one! Sure, easy to say, but how do you execute? We’re here to help with some tips, of course!

Success comes from consistency over time, such as a regular drip of new products. One proven strategy involves the interweaving of new products with refreshed versions of your past popular products. Think of it as a creative reboot that’s fan-driven.  

Here are tips on how to pull it off:

1. Gather data

Which designs did the best in 2023? What were your top sellers as far as design and product? Ask yourself: What were my…

  • Hit Designs? Let’s say you had a killer hoodie that kept selling out in ‘23 but you never really made the effort to use that design on other products…whip out that backpack, blanket, or mug and capitalize on that design’s popularity. After all, your design was a hit for a reason:)
  • Hit Products? Did you have a product type that sold more across all designs? Did your t-shirts and hoodies rack up sales while your leggings lagged? Really look at which types of products got the most sales, and most positive feedback, and offer more of them.

2. Rely on proven bestsellers

Not sure what your data points to? Use ours! Here’s a list of Spring’s 2023 Top 10 best sellers:

Classic Crewneck Comfortsoft T-Shirt

A comfortable tee designed for everyday wear.

Classic Pullover Hoodie

Loose fitting and comfy, it pulls over your head with ease. 

Premium Ring-Spun Cotton T-Shirt

Ring-spun is a process that makes the fabric more durable, stronger, smoother, and more comfortable.

Comfort Tee

The perfect balance between durability, comfort, quality and price.

Premium Pullover Hoodie

Semi-fitted and made from a cotton/polyester blend, so it’s lightweight with a super soft feel.

Classic Crewneck Sweatshirt

Everything a classic crewneck tee offers, but in a sweatshirt. 

Classic Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Casual and comfortable, perfect for layering.

Triblend Tee

Made from polyester, cotton, and a rayon blend making it breathable, durable and fast-drying.

Women’s Comfort T-Shirt

Exactly what a comfort tee should be, but a more tailored fit. 

3. Give popular designs a memorable remix.

 Keeping your designs fresh by adding in memorable moments you’ve shared with fans is a great way to stay relevant in ‘24. Maybe you use a catch-phrase or image that your fans will immediately associate with you? For example, if you have a running joke about how you are always late, you could add in a phrase “Island time vibes” by your logo. Or if you’re a beauty creator that tends to get mascara everywhere when getting ready, you could add smeared mascara to a design that performed well in 2023. Whatever it is about you that your fans identify or associate with is an easy way to refresh your designs and increase sales.

4. Involve your fans in the process

Everyone wants to feel like their opinion matters, and your products will be more meaningful when fans know the story behind the design.

  • Run a poll. Take to your socials and ask fans for advice, preferences, and suggestions: what type of glow-up do they want from your best sellers? What would they like to see next? Neon colors, giant text, retro vibes, etc. 
  • Ask friends & family. Sometimes the intel you need is right under your nose. If anyone in your social circle is near your target audience, they’re a great resource. Plus, you can always share the story about how your design was influenced by someone close to you – great content for social posts!

5. Spread the news across your socials

Once you’re ready to launch, it’s time to promote. Let fans know what’s new in 2024 and give them the story behind the launch to drive excitement. We’ve gone over promotions a lot, but here are a few quick refreshers:

  • Order samples to show off on social media. 
  • Get creative with content – maybe an “unboxing video” to increase hype.
  • Create promo codes to drive sales. If you need a reminder on how, click here.  
  • Use relevant hashtags; makes it easy for your fans to find & repost. 
  • For more tips on how to market on your socials as well as promoting merch, click here

Creating a new design involves an investment of your creativity and time. But refreshing a design involves much less. Remember: offer a variety of products (not just T-shirts!) and make sure the design is appropriately sized for the product and fits the style. Putting “World’s Best Grandpa” on a Women’s Comfort Tee may not be the best route. 

You’ve done the heavy lifting. Now it’s time for you to reap the rewards by launching refreshed products. Happy 2024 and Happy Selling!