Benefit from Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns

In Uncategorized by Accounts Amaze September 10, 2020

To help creators grow, increase brand awareness, and increase sales, Spring is introducing Facebook and Instagram ads to help promote and connect our creators with targeted audiences. 


  • We manage your custom ads from start to finish. You don’t need to lift a finger.
  • We create image assets, write advertisement copy, and manage their performance. (Of course, your input at any step of the process is welcome)
  • On average, creators set up with Facebook ads see a staggering 30% increase in sales. 

Each sale generated from a Facebook ad is a boosted sale and follows the boosted payout. Keep in mind, these will not interfere with your organic sales. For example, if both Spring and the creator send the same customer to a listing during a seven day period, the sale will automatically be counted as an organic sale and you will receive the higher payout. See how it works by checking out the table below. 

  • Your guaranteed profit is estimated based on past performance of your ads and costs. The price of an advertisement is measured by cost per action (CPA). CPA is calculated by dividing the total spent on an add by the number of sales produced by that ad.  
  • The CPA varies based on many factors, for example, we might look at your audience size and ad auction prices. However, Spring’s growth team optimizes the CPA for each individual listing. 
  • If the CPA is low, we’ll work on increasing your audience so we can achieve more sales. If high, then we’ll redesign the ad campaign to equate lower costs.  
  • No Facebook ad campaign is the same, but creators are guaranteed the same boosted payout. Fluctuations in the cost of advertising will not affect this.

Get started

  1. Reach out to your account manager or apply below to let us know you’re interested.
  2. Spring will select which of your products to promote, based on new releases and best sellers. 
  3. Our design and growth team will build your campaign with images and written content. 
  4. We’ll send you a request to link our Facebook business account with yours. This easy step allows us to run ads that appear as if they are coming from your account—linking accounts does not give us access to edit your page or view sensitive information. 
  5. Due to IOS 14 and Facebook’s new advertising restrictions, all creators that sign up for this program must have a custom domain connected to their Spring account. Once this step is complete, we can help you verify your domain with Facebook.

Spring will handle the rest. Now watch the sales roll in! 😉