Create versatile neck gaiters right away for *all* your fans ‼ 💡

In News by Accounts Amaze September 16, 2020
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Neck gaiters are now fully integrated and available for anyone to create and sell in the Launcher. The perfect addition to your product offering, this accessory is the a great way to boost your sales going into fall. The fully customizable printable area makes for stand-out designs. Continue reading for product details, design inspiration, and ways to style this versatile product.

Product details

All-over printed unisex neck gaiters are double layered for warmth going into fall and feature a vibrant, sublimated print. Made with high-quality, custom workmanship, this product is made using cut and sew assembly in the U.S.

  • 11” high by 10” wide 
  • Double layered with 96% polyester and 4% spandex-brushed jersey
  • One size fits all 
  • Print file dimensions are 25″w by 27″h @300 ppi

Multiple styling options 

There are plenty of ways to style and wear neck gaiters, throughout all seasons and weather. This accessory is designed to protect against nature’s elements; the hot sun, the intensity of high winds or for harsh, cold conditions going into fall. Covering the entirety of the face effectively (nose, mouth, chin, and neck) whilst looking awesome with your designs.

With its stretchy and soft material, consider also styling this accessory as a bandana, a wide headband, scarf, or a face covering for intense weather conditions. For design inspiration, check out our Pinterest board.

More area to create trippy textures 

As an accessory with more surface area to cover with sublimation print, your design will run all the way round the neck gaiter. Trippy textures and tie-dye effects are a popular choice for accessories so check out our inspiration board and blog to get your creative cogs turning. Be sure to try out our free all-over print design patterns too. Also, see our top tips for coming up with a design concept here.

Ready to start creating neck gaiters? Visit the Teespring Launcher below.