The evolution of Spring’s Boosted Network

In Insights, News by Accounts Amaze April 14, 2022

The Boosted Network is a service that helps amplify creators’ sales by as much as 15% through enhanced promotional efforts. In 2022, we’re focused on harnessing the power of email marketing to help creators capture even more sales.

We originally launched the Boosted Network in 2017 with a heavy focus on advertising and marketplaces (like Amazon, Ebay, etc). However, in the last year, we removed the marketplace element to focus our efforts on unlocking more sales for creators through new advertising channels and effective email marketing tactics. The results? Creators are seeing their sales amplified by as much as 15% thanks to the Boosted Network.

How does it work?

Why is the Boosted Network so powerful? It requires no additional time, effort or upfront investment from you, and helps you generate extra sales. Spring’s marketing experts handle all retargeting efforts through advertisements and email, and you’ll earn a guaranteed profit amount for every sale made.

The Boosted Network works best when you drive fans to your listings and stores. If they don’t purchase your product, we’ll encourage them to come back to your store with curated retargeting efforts such as paid ads, cart abandonment emails, and more.

Boosted network: how it works

Email is front and center.

First, we’re expanding and optimizing cart abandonment emails. No carts will be left empty. Over the last weeks of testing, these emails saw an average open rate of 65%+ from fans, and creators are raking in an extra 7% in sales. The more you send fans to your listings, the more chances you’ll have to capitalize on cart abandonment sales.

Next, we’re expanding product recommendation emails for fans. We curate product suggestions based on your fans’ interests and past purchases to increase your repeat buyer rate. We’ll recommend your latest product launch, or other products you’ve created we think they’ll like, so it’s important to create fresh new products that can be featured. 

Please note: For now, these new email marketing efforts will feature simple, Spring branded templates. The plan is to incorporate custom creator branding across all buyer marketing emails. We’ll also aim to begin testing buyer marketing SMS in summer 2022.

Optimizing paid promotional efforts

Along with adding email marketing to the mix, we’ve focused specifically on enhancing our paid ad performance. This is an ongoing effort, but recently we have focused on Google and Facebook:

  • Google: Firstly, we’ve added Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) which means all Spring creators opted into the Boosted Network will notice their products will appear in higher google search results. We’ve improved the feed for Google Shopping too, meaning your listings will appear above competing ads.
  • Facebook and Instagram: We’ll be paying close attention to the performance of paid ads on Facebook by optimizing the wording, while tweaking the target audience where necessary. Additional changes include updated tracking in light of new iOS14 updates, and we’ve implemented retargeting ads to make your products appear first before others.

Your guaranteed profit 

Don’t forget, this service requires no upfront costs, and the fee is only applied if a sale is captured due to boosted marketing efforts. You can find the boosted payout structure below for each product category.

To ensure your products are eligible for the Boosted Network, they must have the minimum profit margin listed below. For example, a sticker with a profit of $1 would not be eligible to be sold on the Boosted Network; it needs to have a profit margin of at least $2 to be eligible.

Boosted profit payout structure for each product category

Now, watch the sales roll in

From May 2nd onwards, email marketing sales will be attributed to the Boosted Network within your account analytics—so expect to see a jump in boosted profit. Check out the screenshot below to see how boosted sales will appear. 

How to see Boosted Network profit amounts
Example of how boosted sales will appear in your Analytics

Don’t want to earn extra sales through this service or fancy opting back in? No problem. Just untick the “feature my listings in Spring’s Boosted Network” option within your Spring account settings here to opt-out.