Updates coming to Spring’s custom product line and pricing

In Insights, News by Accounts Amaze April 6, 2022

High-quality, one-of-a-kind, custom products for all. Like the sound of that? Here’s what to look out for this spring and beyond.

Last year was one for the books; we rebranded to Spring, hit 8 million+ creators, launched new partnerships, and expanded our product offering. We also made a commitment to provide top quality products to our creators and their fans. One of the ways we plan to empower more creators is to tap into bespoke products like never before—with the help of our brand new Custom Products Team.

Expanding custom product access

In the past, creators have had profound success with bespoke products like board games, NFTs, toys, plushies, and puzzles. Moving forward, we want more creators to dream big; launching everything from their own makeup collections, to candles, coin trays, pin packs, perfumes, jewelry, and even food products like coffees and teas.

Our Custom Products Team is dedicated to building powerful partnerships and creating opportunities for creators to offer one-of-a-kind products to their fans. We’ve also ramped up our digital efforts, removing barriers to exciting new products like NFTs, Metaverse merch, and much more to come.

Base cost adjustments  

In tandem with expanding our product line, we also need to make adjustments to our current product offering. Due to increased inflation rates and energy prices, the base cost of several products need to be updated accordingly. This increase enables us to continue offering key features and services like order processing, production, shipping and handling, not to mention our in-house support teams who love to assist you and your fans.

These changes will take effect on June 1st, 2022. You can see impacted product and categories in the table below. You can also reference all product pricing here

Here’s what to expect:

If you’d like to make adjustments ahead of time, you can edit product prices for your listings within your dashboard. If you prefer to wait, no sweat, here’s how the pricing update will work: 

  • As of June 1st, 2022, the specific cost changes listed in the section above will be applied to new product launches.
  • For existing products on the list, the base cost will update once the product’s print cycle restarts (following a sale). 
  • After the base cost is updated, if any products have a negative profit margin, we’ll automatically round the selling price up to the nearest $0.99 amount that ensures profitability.
  • You’ll receive an email notification indicating the products that have been updated so you can make further changes if you like.

For example, if your product has a selling price of $15.00 but has a negative profit margin because of the update to the base cost, we’ll round up the selling price to the nearest profitable amount, for example $15.99, to ensure there is a positive profit margin. 

Don’t forget, if you’re running any promotions make sure you’ve got enough profit margin to support the discount you’re offering. As always, if you have any questions our Creator Experience Team is standing by to help at creatorhelp@spri.ng