Thousands more creators get access to Mint-On-Demand™ in time for *NEW* card template feature

In Digital, News by Accounts Amaze February 25, 2022
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We promised there was more to come for Mint-On-Demand™. While we roll out access to all Spring creators, we’re coming through with additional features. Here’s the latest.

Introducing the Card Template—version 1 of further enhancements to Spring’s NFT launcher. This new update provides a quick and easy way to make your NFT stand out.   

Enjoy the ability to choose your background color and crop your artwork to fit the card shape provided. Create your digital collectibles using this optional tool and elevate the appearance of your NFT. 

The more exclusive your NFT looks, the more likely it is to sell within minutes—look out for v2 of this enhancement coming soon.

This is just the beginning, so stay tuned.